Dec 052013
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I received the Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car in order to facilitate my review.  No additional compensation was received and all words and opinions are my own.

I grew up in Maine about five miles away from the local ski lodge and lifts.  I wouldn’t really call it a ski resort as there was no hotel involved, but you could ski, snowboard and even go snow tubing.  We certainly had enough snow to support it; we routinely received multiple feet of snow per winter.

Here in Kentucky, though, we don’t get snow like that – thankfully!  While I enjoy watching the snow fall and having snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas, I don’t miss the years when the snow would accumulate so high you could no longer see out the windows.  The one caveat to that is that I wish there was enough snow for Bubbles to enjoy, as playing in the snow as a child was always great fun.

Pinypon Ski Lodge & Snow Car and Tow

With the Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Adventure Car & Tow we can at least pretend to have outdoor play.  The Pinypon friends in these two sets can ski, go snowboarding, skate, build a snowman, go sledding and even ride a snow mobile.  And when they’re done their outdoor fun, they can head inside and get warm in the lodge.

Pinypon Ski Lodge

Pinypon Ski Lodge Figurines and Sled

Bubbles has been having a great time creating wintry adventures for her new friends.  The Pinypon Ski Lodge comes with three figures plus their pet dog, which was an especially big hit.  They all have interchangeable parts and all can use the same gear, like skis and snowboards.

Pinypon Ski Lodge Figurine

I love their big eyes and the bright colors.  Their accessories are adorable, too: scarves, removable snow goggles, hats.  Bubbles enjoys swapping everything around to create her own custom looks.

Pinypon Ski Lodge & Snow Car Figurine and Snowboard

They’re very easy for small hands to maneuver, also.  Bubbles is able to place them on and take them off their recreational accessories without much trouble.  There are small round holes in the bottoms of the feet of each figurine; they just slide on the small nubs on each item.

Pinypon Snow Car & Tow

Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car & Tow

The Pinypon Snow Car and Tow came with stickers which Bubbles loved.  You get the feel that some of them have specific places they’re supposed to go, but I pretty much let her stick them wherever she wanted.  (It’s a little hard for my inner organization self to let that kind of thing go, but I try!)

Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car & Tow

You can pick up the Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car & Tow from Amazon, Target, or other retailers.  It will make any toddler or early elementary school kiddo happy, I’m sure!

Which is your favorite: the Pinypon Ski Lodge or Snow Car?

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  10 Responses to “Take an Indoor Ski Vacation with Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car”

  1. This is so cute! I would have spent hours playing with this as a kid. I love the bright colors and fun designs.

  2. this looks like a great gift idea for my daughter, thanks for sharing.

  3. The Pinypon Ski Lodge looks like so much fun, wish I had a girl!

  4. adorable! My kids always used to love little figurines like this when they were little. I grew up in New England and definitely am a cold weather loving girl!

  5. oh my goodness, the ski lodge is awesome!!! I have the Pinypon hotel; and we love it. I would love to get the ski lodge for my daughter for Christmas.

  6. Oh how much fun and what a cute little toy! I love it!

  7. Super cute and the title was so clever! Great post.

  8. How much fun! My daughter is really into this now!

  9. Those look unbelievably cute and adorable. Love the snow car

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