Nov 252013
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Melissa & Doug carries some of our favorite toys!  This year they have again put together their Terrific 25 List, listing the Top 25 gift ideas for the holidays.  They are also giving away one toy per day until November 28th, and one Grand Prize winner will also receive all 25 toys!  Keep reading for the entire list plus a review of a couple of our favorites.

Melissa & Doug Terrific 25 Gifts

A couple of my favorites on the Melissa & Doug Terrific 25 List are:

  • Take-Along Show-Horse Stable
  • Catch & Count Fishing Rod Game
  • Let’s Play House! Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

Check out the entire list of 25 toys and start making your wish lists now!  And don’t forget to visit the Melissa & Doug Facebook page to enter their giveaway!

Any of those 25 toys would make awesome gifts, but I also have a couple other favorites.  The Melissa & Doug giant stuffed animals are high on my list of “these are cool” choices.  You may have noticed the nearly life-size giraffes in some brick & mortar stores; they seem to be the ones most often highlighted.

Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Husky Dog

But the giant stuffed dogs are probably my favorite, because they really do look very life-like.  Seriously, when I took the dog out of the (huge) box is came in, I was surprised at the quality and the attention to detail.  He sits 2 feet tall and is almost 3 feet long – definitely realistic.  Bubbles would love for us to get a puppy, and we have plans to do so in the spring.  Until then, though, she’s able to have some fun adventures with our new stuffed husky.

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn

I also love their Fold & Go Barn.  The barn is made from wood and is very sturdy; the hinge is a solid piece and is screwed in for extra security (versus just nailed).  The corral panels can be configured into multiple designs to hold the included seven plastic animals.  This toy will definitely stand up to years of use and could be passed down from child to child.

Which toy on the Melissa & Doug Terrific 25 List is your favorite?

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