Oct 112013
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Bubbles has really been in love with magnets for the last few months.  It started with me trying to find something for her to do while I worked in the kitchen; she loves to be my helper, but there are parts she obviously isn’t old enough to do.  So I pulled down all the “fun” magnets from the top of the fridge and had her rearrange them while I worked.

She liked it so much that I gave her a dry erase board with a bunch of magnets so she could play wherever she wanted.  We came up with a few different games and activities for the magnets, but the small board, we were a bit limited in all we could do.  I decided to look for a magnet set that would expand our play.  When I saw the MagneTalk Match-Up Adventures Kit I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Games for Toddlers: MagneTalk Activity Centerfrom Super Duper Publications

The kit includes:

  • 10 game boards (2 of each scene: camping, picnic, outer space, ocean, and grocery store)
  • 2-sided magnetic, dry erase tabletop easel
  • 100 magnetic pieces
  • 34-page reproducible activity book with a CD-ROM for easy printing
  • Dry erase marker

We’ve only had the kit for a couple of weeks now and it has already received hours of play.  At first Bubbles just enjoyed the free play aspect of creating stories and scenes.  She’d place the magnets then have me sit with her to show me what each item was and what they were doing.

Games for Toddlers: MagneTalk Activity Center from Super Duper Publications

I love that the kit comes with two of each magnet.  Bubbles really enjoys matching items and finding things that are the same at the moment.  Because there’s two of each magnet we can alternate between me adding a few magnets and her finding the pair, or her just placing pairs of the item for which I ask.

The kit is a lot of fun playing just solo.  But because the magnet easel is 2-sided two children can play together.  So it would be great if you have a couple of kids close in age, or to use as a home-schooling tool.

Super Duper has tons of different products and games for toddlers and school-aged kids.  Pick up some gifts, stock your daycare or home-schooling set-up, or just choose something for fun.  To help you with that, I have a $50 gift card to Super Duper Publications for one lucky winner!

Giveaway closed – congrats Megan P!

What is your favorite item from Super Duper Publications?

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  32 Responses to “Find Great Games for Toddlers from Super Duper”

  1. I’d like to get the 150 “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Scenes Book :)

  2. I’d love a few electronic spinners for my class

  3. The Pirate Talk Board Game would be fun :)

  4. I like the I Have Autism Book

  5. Would like to get the Auditory Adventures.

  6. Go for the Dough Board Game looks like fun!

  7. I like the Artic Chipper Chat Game

  8. I like the Jeepers Peepers game!

  9. My boys would like the jeepers peepers game.

  10. i like the Chipper Chat® game.

  11. I’d love to buy Artic Chipper chat!

  12. We’d love the Pirate Talk board game.

  13. I’d like to buy the game What’s in Ned’s Head? for my kid!

  14. active and passive verbs

  15. LiPS: The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech

  16. I’d like the Webber Sign Language Cards.

  17. I would love to get my grandsons the Pirate Talk Board Game.

  18. well there was a lot of things I really liked but the Silly Set Deck cards for one is one thing I would buy

  19. I also like their Hopping Frogs Board Game.

  20. I like the Hopping Frogs® Board Game

  21. Pirate talk board game

  22. I like the Pirate talk board game

  23. I would love to have the SEE®
    Social Emotional Evaluation

  24. Ring Bling game looks fun!

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  26. I like Webber® BIG Apraxia Photo Cards

  27. I would love to get the Go for the Dough board game!

  28. I also love Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying

  29. So many wonderful choices! I like the Communicate Junior game!

  30. love to buy the Animal Buddies Motivational Box for our little guys

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