Oct 112013

Bubbles has really been in love with magnets for the last few months.  It started with me trying to find something for her to do while I worked in the kitchen; she loves to be my helper, but there are parts she obviously isn’t old enough to do.  So I pulled down all the “fun” magnets from the top of the fridge and had her rearrange them while I worked.

She liked it so much that I gave her a dry erase board with a bunch of magnets so she could play wherever she wanted.  We came up with a few different games and activities for the magnets, but the small board, we were a bit limited in all we could do.  I decided to look for a magnet set that would expand our play.  When I saw the MagneTalk Match-Up Adventures Kit I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Games for Toddlers: MagneTalk Activity Centerfrom Super Duper Publications

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