Aug 292013
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Thank you to flattenme for providing a copy of Owl Always Love You for our review.  All words and thoughts are my own.

I’ve always been glad that reading to Bubbles is not something that we have to force.  Even now that her interests are growing in other areas, it hasn’t changed.  She’ll still pick up a book multiple times per day to thumb through on her own, or to bring to one of us for a snuggle and story.

One of the newest books that’s in our rotation is “Owl Always Love You”.  It’s the story of Mommy & Daddy’s love for their little one, made even more personal by the fact that Bubbles’ name is printed on nearly every page.  Sharing a sentiment that I want her to think about as she falls asleep, “Owl Always Love You” really is the perfect addition to our nightly routine.

"Owl Always Love You" Personalized Book from flattenme

The book itself, available from flattenme, is gorgeous.  As is hinted at by the cover, each page is full of beautifully illustrated owls and other animals.  Bubbles would live at the zoo or a pet store right now if we let her, so discovering all of the animal buddies as we read really appealed to her.  They’ll appeal to you, too: the two owls under the umbrella are adorable.

The story is equally as beautiful.  With phrases like

“Owl always love you
Lay down your little head.
Owl always love you.
Now it’s time to go to bed!”

your little one is sure to feel safe and special snuggled in their bed.

"Owl Always Love You" Personalized Book from flattenme

While flattenme does have books available that you can personalize through photos, I love that they now have these new books that are personalized by name only.  It’s fun for kids to see themselves on the pages of a book but I think that as they get older it can be harder to identify with the younger face in the story.  Using names only keeps this book timeless, which means it will be on our bookshelf for years to come.

"Owl Always Love You" Personalized Book from flattenme

The order process is easy.  Simply add your loved one’s first name – Sally, Sam, Grandma, etc. – and then select paperback ($29.95) or hardcover ($39.95).  I think it would be awesome to even just use the name “Baby” and give this book at baby showers.  After you’ve customized your book, submit your order and wait roughly 10 days for your “Owl Always Love You” book to arrive.

To whom would you give or read “Owl Always Love You”?

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