Aug 142013
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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s back to school fashion for kids.  I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you all that Kohl’s might be a good choice for back to school fashion for kids.  They’re hard to beat when it comes to getting a great deal.  They already have great sale prices, but when you pair them with the sales passes that offer you 15-20% off your purchase (sometimes more, especially for those with a Kohl’s Card), plus Kohl’s Cash (usually $10 off your purchase), plus the occasional coupons, you’re talking about serious savings.

Back to School Fashion for Kids at Kohl's

Because I know that Kohl’s is one of the best places to get the biggest bang for my buck, we recently took Austin shopping there for a few back to school items.  By the time you get to his age – he’s a senior in high school this year – it’s not really about the backpack or even a “first day” outfit.  It’s more about finding clothes that you’re going to want to wear multiple times throughout the school years.

Back to School Fashion for Kids at Kohl's - Lots of Jeans!

For Austin, that meant jeans and athletic gear.  Fortunately Kohl’s has lots of both!  There was a sea of jeans in every cut, style, size, and wash that you could imagine.  They also have an entire athletic department with basketball shorts and shirts, hoodies, performance tees, sweatpants, and more.  Equally as important as the selection is the fact that they have all the name brands he likes, too.  Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and many others are represented.

Back to School Fashion for Kids at Kohl's - Athletic Gear

Austin picked out a few performance tees and a couple of other items.  Many of those shirts retail for $40 or more, but with the sale prices and coupon we had we were able to purchase most of them for around $20 each.  A fifty percent savings is nothing to sneeze at in my book.

Back to School Fashion for Kids: Nike Performance Athletic Shirts from Kohl's

As we were paying – including using the $10 off a $25 purchase of back to school clothing coupon that was available on the Kohl’s Facebook page – Bubbles caught site of the Kohl’s Cares shelves they have at the end of the checkout area.  This month’s theme was Curious George; there were both plush characters and books available.  Included in the plush collection was an adorable dog that Bubbles immediately named “Super Hero Dog” and asked if we could get it.  We don’t do a treat on every shopping trip, but stuffed animals of that size and quality aren’t often available for $5, plus the money helps others.  So we added Super Hero Dog to our order.

For just about $100 we were able to select three performance shirts (over $120 for those alone), four pairs of performance athletic boxers, Super Hero Dog, and a graphic tee.  Had we wait for a shopping pass (about every other week) it would have been even less, but school was starting and we wanted to get everything checked off our list.  The kids here actually returned to school last week, so finishing up our shopping early was necessary.  I still think we got an awesome bargain, even without the extra discount.

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