Nov 272012
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Yesterday we saw a commercial for Men In Black 3 on television.  It was fun to be able to say “Hey, I already saw that!” – and to not even be talking about leaving the house!  You may remember me sharing with you that Men In Black 3 will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 30th but by pre-ordering our copy from Walmart and then registering it online, we received an advanced digital copy to watch on November 16th.  You can view my Google+ album to see the easy process.

Advanced viewing of MIB3 on Vudu #SeeMIB3

We’ve watched the movie twice already.  The first time, my husband and I watched it together to decide which family members it was appropriate for.  I’m glad we took the time to do so; the first few minutes of the film were a little too high on the “ick” factor to let Bubbles watch from the start.  But after a couple of initial scenes, it was mostly humor and learning about Agent K’s back-story.

Watching MIB3 for our family movie night #SeeMIB3

The second time that we watched it was family movie night.  Often we choose pizza as our meal for these occasions but for a change we decided to get sub sandwiches for dinner (except for Bubbles, who had chicken nuggets).  While we ate, we put on a cartoon for Bubbles (everyone gets to pick a favorite during family fun nights) and then I made some snacks for us to nosh on during the movie.

Men In Black 3: A Fun Choice For Family Movie Night

When everything was ready we fired up the movie.  Watching via Vudu is so easy!  We access it through our PS3, but you can also access it online with a PC, Mac or iPad; through your xBox 360; or through your HDTV or Blu-Ray player.  Once Vudu was open we went to the “My Movies” section of “My Vudu” and selected MIB3.  From there we could choose the special featurette or the movie itself.  That’s it!  Honestly, it’s almost exactly like watching it from a Blu-Ray or DVD, except you don’t have to get up to put the disc in (my husband’s favorite feature).

Men In Black family fun night includes MIB3 glasses #SeeMIB3

Outer-space themed snacks for our Men In Black 3 family fun night #SeeMIB3

It’s been a little busy around here so I didn’t get to go all-out on, but I do love a theme and couldn’t resist a few fun extras.  First, everyone received a pair of “MIB 3 sunglasses” to protect them from any errant flashes: we wanted to remember our night, after all!  And for snacks we had Moon Rocks (peanut butter cookies with peanut butter chunks), Space Debris (milk chocolate nonpareils held together with a dot of melted chocolate), and Agent K’s Groovy Intergalactic Travel Mix (homemade snack mix made with wheat and corn Chex, Bugles, pretzels, rye chips, white cheddar cheese puffs, and chocolate-covered pomegranate pieces).

The movie itself was very enjoyable.  Everyone, including A2, thought that it was nearly as good as the first one.  Lots of humor, a good plot, action – even a little suspense!  There is also a little plot twist at the very end that was both surprising and touching.  You can go here to watch the trailer and a two-minute preview and see for yourself how good it looks.

I definitely think if we see additional movies that we’d like to own available for pre-order in the future that we’ll take advantage of the opportunity to pick them up and get the Vudu digital copy.  It’s a very convenient way to watch and store movies.  And by having the digital copy stored in the cloud we could even let my brothers (who love MIB) watch it the next time we’re in Maine visiting!

Do you love Men In Black?  Have you watched or ordered MIB3 yet?

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  5 Responses to “Family Movie Night With Our Advanced Vudu Copy Of Men In Black 3 #SeeMIB3”

  1. I so want to watch MIB and you family night looked like so much fun. And I want your cookies :)

  2. We let our kids watch it (actually took them to the theater AND preordered it) but I can see what you mean about the first few minutes. It IS the only really hard part for little ones!

    • Yes, the rest was definitely family-friendly even for the little ones :) She actually loved it – she was grooving to the music! Seeing it in the theater would have been great! Action movies on the big screen are extra-special.

  3. I really like the MIB series. I have to say my favorite was the second one because we have a pug and I like the pug in there, especially the part where he’s singing “Who Let the Dogs Out” It’s good fun, but we don’t have children so we don’t have to worry about what is okay for them to watch. We don’t have Vudu so I’ll watch it on Pay Per View when it comes out!!

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