Feb 072012
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My husband’s aunt makes a great Hot Artichoke Dip that she serves at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions.  It’s one of my favorite snacks and I’d been craving it lately.  So I got the recipe from her and made it on Sunday for us to snack on while we watched the football game.  (I would have shared it with you on Sunday, but I couldn’t find the USB cord for my camera.)
Here’s the recipe for you; you can put it together quickly, and then just throw it in the oven an hour before you’d like to serve it.
Hot Artichoke Dip Recipe
1 C mayonaise
1 C grated parmesean cheese
1 C Colby/Montery Jack cheese blend, shredded
1 can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl until combined.
  3. Spread mixture in a serving dish.
  4. Bake for 1 hour (the top will be golden brown and bubbly).

I had wanted to bake the dip in individual ramekins, but I could only find two of them, and I had enough dip for four.  So I ended up just baking it in an 8×8 square glass Pyrex dish.  Feel free to put it in whatever you want (maybe a heart-shaped dish for Valentine’s?).  Serve with crackers.

Have you made a recipe that you’d like to share?  Please feel free to link up below!

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  9 Responses to “Hot Artichoke Dip Recipe”

  1. That looks and sounds yummy. If I wasn't on a diet I'd go make some right now! lol.

  2. That looks so delicious…I love how browned it is on top. Artichoke dips are one of my favorites!

  3. Such a great recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks so yummy! Pinnin!

  5. My husband and I joke often about being “Big Dippers.” Since our very first date we would always try whatever dips a restaurant offered and judge them accordingly. When we moved to Hawaii our testing seemed to fall a little short (they weren’t big on dipping there) so we would buy dips in jars. Somehow those weren’t good for pretty much anything but pretzels and maybe crackers once in a great while. At some point while living there we decided we were going to make our own fancy dips. This recipe will be a great addition to those stockpiled in our cookbooks! Awesome find! Thanks!

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