Sep 232013

Last week we traveled to Maine to surprise my Grandmother for her 85th birthday.  We surprised more than her – only my parents and brothers knew we were coming.  It was a lot of fun to contact different family members and friends and say “oh, hi!  We’re here!”.

We were only gone for a short time so we left the laptop at home.  I had scheduled a few posts for you all while I was gone, but apparently the scheduler also decided to go on vacation.  You’ll see those posts come through over the next few days.

Our Trip to Maine

Waiting to get on the airplane with her buddy Bunny-Bunny.

Bubbles was an excellent traveler.  She clearly loves flying.  Apparently watching that episode of the Bubble Guppies where they went on the airplane was a good idea because when the engines came on, instead of being scared, she went down the checklist of what the plane needed to fly: engine, wings, and wheels.  The guy sitting behind us commented that he definitely hoped that our plane had all three. Continue reading »

Jun 072012

This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you planning a roadtrip this summer?  We’ve discussed the idea of taking a short one or two, but with a wide range of tastes in the family, sometimes it can be a challenge to find something everyone will love.  A1 isn’t a fan of being on the water or being in the heat; A2 would really love to go on a tropical cruise; and Bubbles is too young for a lot of activities.


And even after you’re all able to agree on something, the actual planning can be a little bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t know well the area to which you’re traveling.  With the introduction of the Roadtrip-a-Matic, Visiting PA has come up with a creative way to address this problem if you are planning pa-roadtrips.  You can visit their site, pick your favorite roadtrip theme, and off you go!

For example, when I visited their site I saw one titled Kidsylvania.  There were three cities highlighted – Philly, Pittsburgh, and the Alleghenies – and under each city they list out for you a 3-day itinerary.  The itineraries suggest lodging, eateries, and places to stop and interact.  They also have printable PDFs and maps for you to make it even easier.

What about all of you?  Out of all the roadtrips the Roadtrip-a-Matic lists, which one would you most like to take with your family?

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Apr 122012

April is usually the month that most schools go on spring break.  I think the college I attended  might have been one of the few exceptions; I recall our spring break falling just before my birthday, which was in March.  Considering the college was located in Florida, I guess I can’t complain too much, as most of my friends attending colleges in other states seemed to think I was on spring break year-round.

Because it’s that time of year (seriously, where has the year gone already?), Matter of Cents and I have chosen Spring Break Ideas as our theme for this week’s Pin Me! Thursday.  I’m going to share spring break travel ideas, projects and crafts to complete while on spring break, and a few other spring break-related items.  Going through and finding pins to share with you has definitely put me in the mood for a towel on the beach (though I’ll probably have to settle for a lounge chair on our patio).

Everything about this says “Spring Break” to me.  It makes me want to throw on some flip flops and a fedora, grab a friend, a mixed tape and some lemonade, and head off on a road trip.

Spring Break

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