Jul 172013

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Lay’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This summer has been filled with days that alternate between pouring-down-rain and melt-your-face hot.  But it hasn’t stopped us from enjoying lots of fun activities.  We’ve splashed in the pool, built castles in the sand, said hi to the animals at the zoo, visited the local farmers’ markets, and played games at a local carnival.  And that’s all just in a few weeks – there’s lots of summer left!

Lay's 75 Days & Sunny Photo Contest

Lay’s is celebrating this summer, too, and not just the carefree days of no school and warm weather.  They’re celebrating 75 years of being the perfect summer snack.  As part of that they are recreating iconic summer images using just Lay’s packaging.  Check out their Pinterest album to see all the cool images already shared.  If you’re a DIYer you might enjoy the tutorials on how to recreate some of the images, too. Continue reading »

Mar 072013

National Potato Chip day is just around the corner and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give a little nod to Chef George Crum who is popularly believed to have invented the potato chip as we know it.  He was dealing with a finicky customer who complained their fried potatoes were too thick and soggy and kept returning them to the kitchen.  Frustrated, Chef Crum cut them as thin as possible, cooked them crisp, and added extra salt.  Instead of being angry the customer loved them and they were immediately added to the menu under the name “Saratoga Chips”.

Celebrate Delicious Potato Chips – the #1 Snack Food!

Celebrate National Potato Chip Day with Recipes Using Potato Chips

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