Apr 162012

I received a special surprise from Nutrisystem in the mail last week, and I wanted to share it with you.  Look at this cute little guy!

Nutrisystem Bear

Isn’t he cute?  It’s my first 10 pound loss success bear!  He’s chilling out with some of the Nutrisystem Chicken Noodle soup I was going to have for lunch that day (one of my favorite lunch items).  Bubbles has already claimed him for her own, but it does make me feel good to see his flash of red around the house; visual confirmation of a goal achieved is a great reminder for reaching the next goal.

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Mar 272012

Another week of Nutrisystem down, and another pound down to match! Nutrisystem Success I love that I continue to see the scale inch it’s way down each week.  While I wish it was taking the stairs two at a time, I do know that what took 9 months to put on won’t come come off in 9 days, and I’m still very pleased with my success. Continue reading »

Mar 202012

Did you know that last month Nutrisystem celebrated their 40th anniversary?  That’s a pretty amazing feat for any company.  What is even more amazing to me, though, is that over the last decade, Nutrisystem has helped people lose a collective 71 million pounds!  Holy smokes!  That’s enough sticks of butter to circle the world at the equator.

Janet Jackson for Nutrisystem

Since the introduction of Nutrisystem, they’ve continued to innovate and update in order to promote the greatest amount of success for those following the plan.  They’ve added a Men’s plan, Women’s plan, Nutrisystem Silver, the Select (fresh-frozen) meals, and most recently the new fresh-frozen Chef’s Table Collection and the SUCCESS plan.  There’s truly something for everyone.

Things are continuing to roll along well for me personally, too.  I’m doing better about remembering my protein shake (thanks to the comment from Emily last week about setting a reminder on my phone), it’s been in the 70s and 80s so the weather has been prime for lots of outdoor walking and adventures (like the zoo!), and I lost another 2 pounds!

Previously: -9 lbs

Week 10: -2 lbs

Total: – 11 lbs

That puts me over the 10 loss mark and also brings my total monthly loss of 5 pounds – just shy of my 7 pound goal, with two weeks left in the month.  I’m really confident I’ll meet my goal, and that’s exciting!

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Mar 132012

So last week I re-started my Nutrisystem plan after receiving my 3rd shipment of food.  Previously, I had tried to order one to three of each item so that I could really sample all the offerings.  For this shipment, I decided to go with my favorites and ordered multiples of two to five foods for each meal.

Nutrisystem Success

You choose a total of 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, etc., so I was ordering an average of five or six of each food.  For some, that may seem a little boring, but as I wanted to ensure I was making re-entry as easy as possible for myself, I wanted to know I had foods that I was going to love.

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