Jun 152014

Being my “favorite helper” has become a part-time job for Bubbles. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she wants to be right there with me. Which is fine with me!

One of her favorite ways to help is in the kitchen. Anything she can stir, pour, shake, roll, whatever – she wants to help do it. So when HABA offered to send over some of their adorable silicone molds for us to play with, I couldn’t say no.

Summer-Themed HABA Silicone Molds: Cake, Cupcakes, Popsicles, Ice Cubes

Bubbles practically squealed with delight when they showed up. Some of her favorite shapes were represented: princess crowns, flowers, sea creatures, and more. She immediately started giving me her suggestions on what we could make, including cakes, popsicles, maybe even molded ice cream. Continue reading »