Jan 142013

Easy Recipes: Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Easy Recipes for Valentine's Day

I love quick and easy recipes that also make great gifts.  These chocolate-covered pretzels fit that bill!  Packaged in a small bag decorated with stickers, they make a cute gift for Valentine’s Day.  They’re also really easy for kids to help make.  Bubbles actually helped me make a batch yesterday and she had a great time mixing, sprinkling, and dipping.

If you have a child in elementary school these might make a nice Valentine for their friends (you could personalize the bags with name tags).  Even junior high- and high school-aged kids like to give Valentines and these can fit that bill, too.  And I personally wouldn’t mind receiving a bag of these from co-workers or friends in a moms’ group.  They really are perfect for just about anyone!

Present your easy recipes in these treat bags

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