Dec 102013

I received Idea Village products in order to facilitate my post.  All words and opinions are my own.

Growing up I always loved those “As Seen On TV” items.  They always seemed so interesting, and often so necessary to my daily life.  Granted I was about 10 at the time, but still.

I didn’t really have my own credit cards back then, either, so I didn’t get to order too many of those “must have” products.  But when you become an adult and you’re earning your own money, you get to make choices you might not have been able to as a kid.  And one of those choices was to pick up some of those “As Seen On TV” items that had been so tantalizing in my youth.

Idea Village Flashlight Friends - Penguin

It may be genetic, as Bubbles recently caught a commercial for Flashlight Friends and decided that she really wanted one.  I thought they were kind of cute, too, and hoped that it would help her sleep better if she knew she had a light she could turn on at will.  That ended up being wishful thinking, but they’re still really cute. Continue reading »