Aug 012017
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One of my favorite childhood summer activities was the Northern Maine Fair.  More than just rides and games, our local country fair had a farm animal petting zoo, tasty treats, a demolition derby, and an expo hall showcasing agriculture, arts and crafts, floral arrangements and more.

Visiting the Northern Maine Fair, a fun family tradition!

The best part of the expo hall was the opportunity to enter items for display and judging.  For most categories they had a children’s or junior’s division, though in some areas adults and kids competed on the same footing.  I won countless ribbons – including a few blue – and was awarded the monetary prizes that went with them.

Bubbles was very exited to hear we had arrived in Maine not too long before the start of this year’s Northern Maine Fair.  When I read her the list of things to do – $1 day with rides for $1, a cupcake decorating competition, a character and doll parade, taking her crafts to display, the petting zoo – she wanted to participate in all of them.

Riding the kiddie roller coaster at the Northern Maine Fair

With the relative lack of rain, the gardens are a bit behind this year, so there weren’t as many veggie options to submit.  Bubbles did end up taking lettuce, peas, apples and raspberries, along with a painted rock craft she worked on.  Together they netted her two 3rd place ribbons along with one 1st place blue ribbon.  With a little taste of success, she’s already hooked and looking forward to more next year.

Kids Cupcake Decorating Contest at the Northern Maine Fair

She also participated in the kids cupcake decorating competition.  The theme was Down on the Farm and it was her first time decorating solo to achieve a specific design.  I was proud of how well she did and what she was able to accomplish on her own.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one that felt that way, because she scored a blue ribbon!

There were a number of other fun things we were able to do at the Northern Maine Fair this year: the doll & character dress-up parade (where she won a prize for dressing like Anna from Frozen), eating yummy treats like dough boys and french fries, the petting zoo with the goats, and the Lil’ Farmers at the Fair where kids see what it’s like to be a farmer and eventually bring those products to market.

Bubbles is already talking about working on crafts now so she’ll have more ready to take the fair next year, so I know she enjoyed the experience.  For me, seeing my daughter participate in activities that I have my own fond memories of is very special, too.

Have you visited the Northern Maine Fair? What was your favorite part?

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  1. Her cupcakes came out so cute! I have never been to this fair, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I’m really looking forward to going to the Common Ground Fair again this year. It’s HUGE!

  2. My 8 year old wants to go to Maine! It sounds like so much fun!

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