May 032017
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One of my favorite ways to spend time with my daughter is when we sit together and read.  What better way to celebrate mom’s day than spending extra time snuggled up reading some of these Mother’s Day books for kids?

Celebrate Mother's Day with extra snuggles while you read these 10 Mother's Day Books for Kids

Some of these books we purchased, a few were gifts, and some were sent by our friends at Macmillan.  Most of them are easily found on Amazon (I’ve included affiliate links for easy shopping), though you may have the most luck finding Hugs for Mommy in your local bookstore.

10 Mother’s Day Books for Kids

Bloom – In Bloom, a mother and daughter plant a garden together to see how something small can bloom into something as beautiful and strong as their love.  Definitely a perfect story for Mother’s Day!  Bloom is written by the same author of the Pout-Pout Fish series, which we also love.

Mommies Are Amazing – “Mommies are magical” is how this book starts off, and continues to share how all mommies are amazing.  The cat and kitten illustrations that pair with the story are sweet too.

The Night Before Mother’s Day – It’s the night before Mother’s Day – time to plan a special day for their mom!  That includes giving her an at-home spa treatment (wouldn’t we all love that!), baking her a cake, and more.

Just Me And My Mom – Little Critter books are a perennial favorite, and the Just Me And My Mom one is a book we’ve read for a couple years.  Join Little Critter as he spends the day with his mom visiting lots of fun spots.

You And Me And The Wishing Tree – A boy and his mom wake up to find a wishing tree has grown to grant their wishes.  After a full day of adventures based on the boy’s wishes, he finds out that his mother’s wish was already granted.  Can you guess what it was?

Fancy Nancy’s Marvelous Mother’s Day Brunch – Nancy pulls out all the stops to give her mom the best Mother’s Day celebration of all time and your little can share in the excitement through the 13 flaps that open to reveal the surprises.

Hugs For Mommy – This is a sweet book my husband’s aunt just gave to my daughter.  The baby deer tells all the things his mommy does for him that makes him feel happy and safe. Completely adorable!

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? – Maybe not a traditional Mother’s Day book, but this story shows our kids that we love them no matter what they do or what their mood is.  I think that makes it the perfect fit for reading on mom’s special day.

What NOT To Give Your Mom On Mother’s Day – Think mom would like a rotting log for Mother’s Day?  Well, maybe if she’s a salamander!  A young boy shares advice on what not to get your mom – unless she’s one of the animals listed.

Love You Forever – This is a classic that still makes me tear up when I read it with Bubbles.  The book covers the changing dynamic between mother and son – as well as the unchanging bond of their love.

What are your favorite Mother’s Day books for kids?

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