Oct 212016
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Bubbles was so excited to start kindergarten this year.  We spent time talking about what her teacher might be like, the friends she would make, the kinds of things she would learn.

Easy First Day of School Gifts - "Here's to a Smooth Year" free printables

She decided that she wanted to take something special for all the kids in the class.  Because we didn’t yet know what kinds of food allergies there may be, or personal preferences in general, I thought we should go a non-food route.  But I didn’t want to just give pencils (partially because we had just finished dropping off dozens of them at Kindergarten Open House).

I needed something kindergarten classroom-worthy with a cute little pun.  My inspiration soon came when Bubbles asked me if I had any “lipchap” with me.  Lipchap is what she calls Chapstick and “Here’s to a smooth year” popped into my head when she asked.

First Day of School Gifts Printable

"Here's to a Smooth Year" first day of school gifts supplies



  1. Print off the “Smooth Year” cards in the color of your choice.
  2. You can use regular paper or card stock, either will work.
  3. Cut the cards out.
  4. Use tape to adhere the tubes of Chapstick to the cards.
  5. Deliver!

Easy First Day of School Gifts - "Here's to a Smooth Year" free printables

Super easy to make and Bubbles thought they were cute so it was a win for me.

1st Day of Kindergarten!

The first day of school arrived and Bubbles was very excited.  We took a few pictures outside then drove to school where we took a few more.  I left the buckets of Chapstick with her teacher to be handed out at a good time.

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I had been prepared for a lot of things with kindergarten: the change in schedule, possible separation anxiety (for both of us).  I wasn’t prepared for all the germs though.  After just two weeks Bubbles came home with some bug that had her on the couch for a full weekend.  And then she passed it to my husband and I, where it lingered for almost two weeks.

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I realized we needed to step up our “stay healthy” routine, like staying hydrated, hand-washing reminders, extra anti-bac, and being sure to take our Centrum® Multi-benefit MultiGummies® for adults.  Grab a coupon before you head to Walmart to pick them up.

Easy First Day of School Gifts - "Here's to a Smooth Year" free printables

Don’t forget to make first day of school gifts for the teacher and teacher’s helper, too!  Chapstick moisturizes & softens for smooth lips everyday, no matter how many times they have to ask the kids to sit down.

Which varieties of Chapstick will you use for your first day of school gifts?

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  1. what a great idea our first day has come and gone but really do love the cute idea and may use it in a different manner thanks
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

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