Dec 042015
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This post is a partnership with Curious World and the One2One Network. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

Lately Bubbles has been soaking up books like a sponge and surprising us every day at just how much she wants to learn – and how much she’s actually retaining.  The other day she asked for a piece of paper and her crayons.  Ten minutes later she returns with a letter she wrote for Ashley and had actually written out “Sissy” at the top and her own name at the bottom.

Bubbles loves playing Curious World on my iPhone

I want to keep the momentum going for her while she’s still interested so I’ve been on the lookout for new apps or services that can provide more educational opportunities for her.  Recently we found the Curious World app that has hundreds of educational books, games, and videos for kids age 3-7.

The Curious World app has educational games, videos and books for kids 3-7

Available on the iPad and iPhone App Store, Curious World is curated by global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and are each mapped to eight key learning areas.  From reading to mathematics, app suggestions are tailored to your child based on their age and developmental stage.  And new items are being added every week to keep the content fresh and fun for your kiddos.

My preschooler loves playing Curious World on my iPhone

We first had the chance to use the Curious World app over the weekend.  We were out to lunch with my in-laws and the service at the restaurant was extraordinarily slow.  Bubbles had already colored every square inch of her placemat and was getting antsy.  I had downloaded Curious World before we left the house so I let her borrow my phone to try it out.

The Curious World app has educational games, videos and books for kids 3-7

Curious World kept Bubbles’ attention for the rest of the time until her mac & cheese was finally served.   She watched videos about tigers, played a Curious George game, and read books about 5 Little Monkeys, where rain comes from, and other fun titles.

Subscribers get unlimited access to the entire Curious World library, and right now you can get a 30-day free trial to check it all out.  If you’re giving an iPad as a gift this year, adding in a subscription to Curious World would make a really nice extra for your recipient.

Which Curious World apps will your kids like best: videos, games or books?

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