Jan 142015
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Have you ever reached for a drink just to wonder, “Is this mine?”  It’s easy to happen, especially in the hustle and bustle of a game day party.  They make those little charms for wine glasses so I thought I’d make my own version for bottles.

Football-Shaped DIY Bottle Tags for Game Day Parties

DIY Bottle Tags

Football tags template
Green chenille stems

Supplies needed: green chenille stems & my football template

First print out my free printable football tags template.  Each sheet will make 20 football bottle tags.  I printed mine in black on brown paper, but you could just print them in color on white paper if you prefer.

Cut out football shapes

Cut each of the tags out and set aside.

Loop chenille stem around bottle neck to determine size

Use a bottle and measure a loop of chenille stem big enough to easily slip over the top of the bottle.  I used roughly 3/4 of each stem per bottle.

Poke chenille stems through footballs and twist ends to close

Poke a chenille stem through one of the footballs and twist just the ends together.

Slide tag loops over bottles - no more wondering whose is whose!

On party day, set the football tags out with a couple of markers. Have each guest write their name on their tag and slide it over the neck of their bottle. Twist the stem to tighten to the bottle if you desire. Guests can take them off and on throughout the party as they need a new bottle.

Prepare your bottles ahead of time - especially great for a kid's table. Makes a good place setting, too

If you’re serving just one kind of beverage you could also do them all in advance and attach them to the bottles, writing your guests’ names on the tags before they arrive. This would be especially handy if you’re having a kid’s table at your party; each of the bottles could act like a place setting for them.

What are your favorite game day party ideas?

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