Dec 062014
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Bubbles is very “girly girl”.  She loves sparkles and glitter, lip gloss and hair ties, skirts and ruffles and dolls and everything else you can think of.  But on the flip side of that coin she loves planes, trains and cars, bugs, and playing ball.

A bit before Halloween I ran across Monster 500 toys and showed them to Bubbles.  She got a huge kick out of the pictures and so when I was offered a few Monster 500 products to check out I knew she’d be excited.  Hubby was impressed as we unpacked the box, too, which is always a good sign.

Monster 500 Flattop Frank Large Vehicle

There are 10 different Monster 500 characters available in the 3-inch diecast vehicles.  Each comes with a trading card that has a code that unlocks a monster car in the Monster 500 Racing App.  Larger vehicles (4″ high and 5″ long) are also available in four monster choices: Zoom Zombie, CrocPot, Lead Foot, and Flattop Frank.

Monster 500 Racing App

The Monster 500 Racing App is available from both the iTunes App Store as well as for Android on GooglePlay.  There are a number of courses to navigate while avoiding spills and other obstacles.  You can even give your cars a custom paint job.

Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset

There are a couple of playsets available, too.  The Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset (which comes with an included car) is our favorite.  Cars take a ride up the elevator and then spin their way down the track, through the factory doors, and attempt to avoid the big gator at the bottom.  The other one is the Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set (over 8′ long) that sends cars (one included) careening down a huge ramp and triggering a checkered flag for the winner.

Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset

Our favorite item was the Toxic Terror Trap Playset.  It went together more easily than I expected (though it did take a minute to straighten out which pieces of the track went where).  Some pieces were so easy to assemble that Bubbles could actually help, which made her feel very important (she loves to help).

Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset

There is a monster that goes at the base of the playset which Bubbles dubbed the “Gooey Monster”.  She didn’t really care for it, so we left it off (which worked out fine as we had a little trouble getting it to stay up and not get caught on the track when it rotated).  But she does like the gator that sometimes snags the cars as they come down and giggles when it catches them.

We shared a little of our monster fun on Thanksgiving, as Bubbles’ cousin was going to be there.  He enjoyed them so much that we sent the Graveyard Gauntlet Track home with him.  Trust me, if your kiddos enjoy monsters and other “scary” creatures, they’ll have a great time with the Monster 500 toys.

Which Monster 500 toy is your favorite?

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  1. that does look like it would be a lot of fun! Your daughter looks like she is having a blast :)

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