Apr 172014
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This post is sponsored by HoneyBaked Ham. All words and opinions are my own.

I’ve many times written of how much I enjoy the food choices available from HoneyBaked Ham.  Whether it’s Christmas Eve or Easter dinner, it’s just not a meal without a spiral-cut HoneyBaked Ham.

This Easter will be no different.  I actually just called today to reserve a ham to be picked up on Saturday.  I was told you don’t even need to reserve one, as they have plenty.  So if you’re still on the fence about what to serve, know that you can call them up or even just stop in between now and Saturday and you’ll be able to serve your guests a mouthwatering ham with that signature glaze!

HoneyBaked Turkey Breast from HoneyBaked Ham #HoneyBakedEaster

Back when I was studying the HoneyBaked Ham catering menu for our Big Game party I happened to notice that in addition to ham, you could also buy HoneyBaked Turkey.  They have turkey breasts year-round, and whole turkeys are available seasonally.  So the other day when we were trying to decide what to do for dinner, I suggested that we give one of the turkey breasts from our local Louisville HoneyBaked Ham Cafe a try.

HoneyBaked Turkey Breast from HoneyBaked Ham #HoneyBakedEaster

Let me say, if you enjoy the ham, then you will love the HoneyBaked Turkey.  It has the same crunchy glaze on top, and it tasted just like the ham.  I paired it with asparagus, King’s Hawaiian rolls (that you can buy right there in the store), and mashed potatoes.  It made quite the meal!

When you head to your local Honeybaked Ham location, don’t forget to print these HoneyBaked Ham coupons!  Some of the deals you’ll find are:

  • $5 off Any Size Half/Whole Ham
  • $3 off Any Size Quarter Ham
  • $2 off Sliced and Glazed Whole Turkey
  • $1 off Any 2 Frozen Sides
  • $3 off 3 Frozen Sides

Coupons are valid at specific locations, make sure you check the list of stores at the bottom of the coupon.

HoneyBaked Turkey Breast from HoneyBaked Ham #HoneyBakedEaster

Will you serve HoneyBaked Turkey or Ham for your Easter dinner?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  15 Responses to “Make Easter Easier with a HoneyBaked Turkey or Ham”

  1. I am so excited about the coupon, thanks!

  2. I think we are going with turkey this year but we usually have ham. Either way, I’m looking forward to it – got my bib on!! :)

  3. Yummy! That ham looks jam packed full of delicious flavor! What a great shortcut, I need to try one of their yummy hams!

  4. We’re having ham this year for Easter. I have so much to do still!

    • Oh, goodness – so do I! Both Bubbles and hubby have been under the weather the last two days, so I haven’t had a chance to do anything but clean up germs!

  5. This will be the first year we are not having ham. It will be a much more relaxed family dinner.

  6. Honeybaked hams are so tasty! At Easter they set up a pop up stand in the local grocery store and they always have free samples. Everyone who tries it winds up buying a ham, basically.

  7. We don’t have a HoneyBaked near here. I always wish we did when I see these pictures.

  8. That ham looks delicious! I could go for some right now!

  9. Ham for us! We are going to have Ham for a brunch at church. So excited!

  10. I would love to try HoneyBaked Ham! We need to head to our local store, and pick some up!

  11. We are going to my Aunt’s house and not sure what they are serving yet. My Gram usually has a Honeybaked ham!

  12. we will have a ham tomorrow at the outlaws and sunday we’ll have a honeybaked!! at my brothers.

    can you tell where i’m excited to go?

  13. AHHH! The pictures makes me HUNGRY even more! I’d definitely serve this for dinner!

  14. Oh my goodness!!! That looks positively delectable!!!! I need to get into HBH right away!

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