Nov 082013
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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review and create my care package ideas list, as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

It’s hard to believe, but finals week at colleges around the country isn’t that far away.  Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away, and shortly after students will be pulling all-nighters, cramming as much knowledge into their heads as they can.  Though it’s been a few (okay, a lot) of years since I was in the same situation, I can remember how stressful both the week before and the week of finals could be.

10 College Care Package Ideas for Finals Week

One thing I always greatly appreciated was receiving a care package specifically for finals week.  I was thankful of care packages sent my way any time of year, to be honest, but the ones that came around finals week were a special pick-me-up.

Even if your own kids aren’t yet in college, consider sending a little something to a college student in your life.  Former babysitters, neighbors, kids from church, nieces or nephews – they would all love to receive anything at all from home.  Especially homemade treats!

Here are some care package ideas that will help you fill the perfect box for finals week.

10 College Care Package Ideas for Finals Week

  1. Food – There are a lot of late nights and early mornings leading up to and running into finals week.  Being able to reach for a snack right from their desk saves them time and keeps them from having to run out to buy their own.
  2. Fun desk items – Even though there’s lots of studying that needs to be done, they’ll need a break, too.  A stress ball, one of those magnetic sculpture things, or a travel-size game.
  3. iTunes gift cards – I know I listed to a lot of music while I studied, and I’m sure that hasn’t changed much in the last few years.  The only difference is that now most music is purchased online instead of in a music store.  With an iTunes gift card they can download their favorite tunes to their mobile devices and take their music wherever studying leads.
  4. Energy drinks – Yes, they’ll be drinking their Red Bulls and other energy drinks.  If you prefer a more natural approach, you might check out V8 V-Fusion +Energy (pomegranate blueberry is my personal favorite!).
  5. Relaxation items – Consider aloe-lined or fuzzy socks, a small scented candle, or even a warm hoodie.  Anything to make them comfortable during this high-stress time.
  6. Vitamin C – Sleep is going to be last on the list, and colds are often more prevalent in the winter.  Make sure your student is taking care of their health with Vitamin C tabs, chews, or powder mix.
  7. Personal care items – Stress can cause sweating, so adding in Dove deodorant can help keep them feeling confident.  I can vouch for this brand as I wore it while walking both red carpets in Hollywood this past weekend.  Flashing photography lights, interviews, and seeing stars at every turn is enough to give any anti-perspirant or deodorant a test, and the Dove Clear Tone held up amazingly well.  With 48-hour odor and wetness protection even the toughest professor’s test won’t cause them to break out into a sweat.
  8. Antacids – Between a lack of sleep, fast food, and a likely lack of physical activity, there’s bound to be a little churning.  They might not think of an antacid on their own, but they’d be greatly appreciated!
  9. Restaurant gift card – Make sure they’re eating a little than just having pizza 24/7 by sending them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.  They can either take a break and dine-in or get it to go for study time.
  10. A personal note – A few words of encouragement from home make more difference than most people know.  A simple “I know you’re working hard” is a great way to make someone feel good about their efforts.

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What care package ideas do you have to share?

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  1. No! It is too early to think about this! Although, can I drive this over to my son when he is away at college? He is 10, but I know I am going to miss him!

    • Are you sure he’s going to be within driving distance?! He might be like me and be a plane flight away from the ‘rents 😉

  2. Great ideas!! These types of packages really got me through finals. Can’t wait to make them for my kids when they are old enough.

  3. Finals week is ROUGh! I would have loved to get one of these carepackages when I was in school.

  4. I love everything Dove! Great post!

  5. You really thought of everything here. My son always appreciates gifts of snacks, restaurant cards and personal care items.

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  7. Great ideas. Just sent my freshman daughter her first college finals care package. Thanks for the great ideas.

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