Sep 172013
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I received a copy of Lala-Oopsies A Sew Magical Tale in order to facilitate my review.  No additional compensation was received and all words and opinions are my own.

There are some interesting new additions to the world of Lalaoopsy!  If your kiddos are fans of the original, then they’re likely to enjoy this new adventure, also.  And if you’ve never heard of the rag doll-esque characters, that’s okay!  You don’t need to have watched the original Lalaloopsies to enjoy Lala-Oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale.

Lala-Oopsies A Sew Magical Tale The Movie - Now on DVD

This new DVD introduces a new group of princess ballerinas, fairies and mermaids – the Lala-Oopsies, based on the line of toys with the same name.  Some of the new characters include:

  • Nutmeg, the Princess of Silly and her Little companion, Fairy Tulip.  Nutmeg lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything’s all about fun.
  • Saffron, the Princess of Hugs and her Little companion, Fairy Fern.  Saffron is warm and caring and loves making treats for all her friends (she’s one of our favorites!).
  • Mermaid Opal and her pet pink octopus.  Opal is fearless, friendly, and curious as can be.

Their adventures take place in a land where islands float in strawberry milk.  There’s just one problem: one day, as the princesses prepare to sail home, they realize something is wrong.  The magic that normally carries them along is gone because the milk is almost all dried up!  They will have to work together to save their land.

Lala-Oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale is a single full feature versus multiple small episodes back-to-back.  It does include two mini adventures, though: Too Close For Comfort and A Ruff Rescue.  Total run time is 44 minutes, the perfect amount of time to keep young kids’ attention.

Lala-Oopsies A Sew Magical Tale The Movie - Now on DVD

Which Lala-Oopsies A Sew Magical Tale character do you think will be your favorite?

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