Aug 192013
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Walgreens Healthcare Clinic #HealthcareClinic #shop

Before moving here, I knew that Kentucky was known for a number of things.  Horses, the Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and bluegrass, just to name a few.  One thing I did not know that Kentucky – and specifically the Louisville area – is known for is something that the residents here have named the “Ohio Valley Crud”.  It refers to the wonderful sinus and allergy issues that so many people here seem to have due to Louisville’s geographic location.

Having never really had any other respiratory or sinus issues up until this point, I assumed that I wouldn’t be affected.  And for a long time, I did escape the misery of sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing.  Then a few weeks ago I woke up and realized I was an escapee no longer.  I would wake up sneezing, and by the end of the day my nose was so irritated that I could barely breath.

My husband suggested that I go to the doctor to make sure that it wasn’t an actual sinus infection, which is quite common around here.  I, of course, assumed I could diagnose and treat myself and went on being uncomfortable for far too long.  But last Friday I’d finally had enough.  Of course, Fridays are not exactly a great time to decide you’d like to see a doctor.  Because like most of us, they enjoy the occasional long weekend.  Office hours can be cut short, and even on full days, it can be tough to get a last minute appointment for anything other than a loose limb.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Website #HealthcareClinic #shop

After having made up my mind to go, I didn’t really want to wait until Monday.  Then I remembered seeing a little clinic inside of our local Walgreens.  I hadn’t really given it more than a passing glance in the past, so I wasn’t sure what exactly they were equipped to do.  To find out I did what I usually do – I went online.  I visited the Walgreens website to see what the clinics offered.

Doing a little research and reading revealed to me that the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic had a lot to offer.  First I found out that the clinics are staffed by actual nurse practitioners.  So in addition to being able to handle my sinus or allergy questions, they are able to treat skin conditions, sprains and strains, joint pain, headaches and more.  They also provide vaccines, physicals and wellness visits, and health screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol.  And they help manage long-term or ongoing conditions like asthma, diabetes, and minor depression.

Check Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Wait Times Online #HealthcareClinic #shop

The website is kind of awesome.  In addition to a lot of information, I can look up my closest Walgreens Healthcare Clinics and check the current wait times.  No interest in waiting?  I can even schedule an appointment right online.  Which is what I decided to do, as I saw a slot open for that afternoon.  I don’t mind waiting now and then but if I can minimize it, why not?  A minute later I received an email confirmation of my appointment and I was good to go.

Checking In At the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Kiosk #HealthcareClinic #shop

I arrived at Walgreens about 15 minutes prior to my appointment.  I wasn’t sure if I’d need to fill out any paperwork or how their system worked so I wanted to give myself a little cushion.  Turns out, all I needed to do was to check in using one of their electronic kiosks.  It pulled up my appointment, asked if I wanted to pay through my insurance or on my own, and then asked me to wait my turn.  You can also use the same kiosks to check in as a walk-in patient, which is what a father and toddler duo did just behind me.  Poor kiddo was covered head-to-toe with poison ivy.

Office at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic #HealthcareClinic


When it was my turn Lynette asked me to come back into the office.  It was filled with all the things you might expect to see in a traditional doctor setting.  The paper-covered table, apothecary jars filled with cotton balls and tongue depressors, blood pressure cuff, it was all there.  She also had a computer that she entered my data into as she asked me questions.  After talking about my symptoms, Lynette gave me a few different options.  She said that she likes her patients to be involved in their care decisions – something that I greatly appreciated.  I left with some paperwork and both an OTC recommendation and a prescription.

Office at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic #HealthcareClinic #shop

On Sunday I had a little surprise – a phone call!  The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic makes follow up calls just to be sure you understood all your instructions, to see if you have any questions, and to find out how you’re feeling.  I thought that was a nice touch – none of my regular doctors has ever done that before.  I definitely see us using the clinics again in the future.

With a Walgreens in nearly every neighborhood I’m sure you’ll find these updated Healthcare Clinics to be helpful.  Even if you don’t have your own transportation available, you can probably walk to the one closest to you.  And if you’re new to the area, you might not know where to find a new doctor, but you can definitely find and see a Walgreens sign welcoming you.

For what reason would you visit a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic?

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  1. I could have written this. I’m always the worst at going to the doctor in a timely manner. I had to go for the same reason last weekend. My NP told me that I needed to drink 64oz of water a day to keep that snot flowing through my sinuses. (gross, I know), I definitely see a difference when I do that.

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