Mar 162012
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You can find part 1 of my spring cleaning checklist here; it contains a checklist of needed supplies, as well as a general cleaning guide and tips.

Below is part 2 of the checklist; it breaks your spring cleaning routine down room by room.

Room by Room: Kitchen

  • Pull appliances away from the wall and clean under and behind each one.
  • Turn the power to the refrigerator/freezer off at the fuse box; purge the fridge and freezer of old, expired, or “will never use” items.  Defrost freezer and vacuum refrigerator coils.
  • Replace stove top drip trays.
  • Clean the microwave, including turntable.
  • Empty the crumbs from the toaster.
  • Reseal grout lines.
Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Bathroom

Room by Room: Bathrooms

  • Purge!  Toss all expired makeup, other beauty products, and old medications.
  • Empty all cabinets, wipe down the insides, organize and return all items to the cabinets.
  • Restock first aid kit.
  • Remove toilet seat and clean toilet seat top to bottom, inside and out.
  • Clean tub drain.
  • Reseal grout lines.

Room by Room: Bedrooms

  • Flip and/or rotate mattresses.
  • Wash and then swap out your heavier, cold weather sheets and blankets for lighter, spring weather bedding.
  • Wash pillows.
  • Peruse all cold weather clothing and donate or toss anything that you no longer wear or need.  Launder the rest before packing away for the season.
  • Consider moving linens and other bedding out of the linen closet and storing in each room under the bed in a rolling container, or in a cedar chest at the foot of the bed.  Your items will be more easily accessible.  Also fold and store extra sheets inside their matching pillowcases to limit time spent searching.

Room by Room: Living/Great/Family Room(s)

  • Wash and then exchange your heavier throws, blankets, and curtains for their springtime equivalents.
  • Remove sofa cushions and vacuum both the sofa and cushions.  Check for any spills or stains and spot-clean.
  • Peruse your DVD/music/video game collections and purge anything your family no longer enjoys or has outgrown.  Consider selling the “toss” pile on ebayAmazon (scroll to the bottom where it says “Sell on Amazon”), or at a garage sale.
  • Corral those cords!  Label plastic twist-ties and use to identify each cord’s purpose (see photo below).  Then tuck light, electronics, charger, speaker, and any other cords and wires out of sight.
  • Collect all magazines and books and keep them neat in a lined wicker basket or canvas bin.
Label Electronic Cords

Room by Room: Garage & Outdoors

  • Sweep off decks, porches, entryways, etc.  Check corners and eaves for cobwebs, birds’ nests, etc.
  • Remove outdoor lights; check for damage and wash fixtures.
  • With lights removed, wash (or power wash) porch walls, decks, patios, exterior and garage doors, gazebos, siding, and pavement.
  • Inspect outdoor furniture for damage and repair/replace as necessary, then wash.
  • Sweep out the garage and scrub or power wash the floors.  Consider moving winter gear (shovels, de-icing salt, etc.) to a more out of the way location.  Bring out spring gear (rakes, mowers, etc.) and inspect for damage; store in each to access areas.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share?

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  5 Responses to “Spring Cleaning Checklist (Part 2)”

  1. Go through magazines and pull out recipes and coupons. Throw them away! You don’t need a huge pile of them sitting around, even if they are in a basket :-)

  2. Great advice. I am going to be doing some spring cleaning tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. Cleaning now. Lots of work to do.

  4. i give all my mag to the neigbor when i am done with themi go t to do osme major cleanning tonght

  5. Thanks for this. We are currently getting ready to sell our home so all these little details are much appreciated :)

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