Jan 092014

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For many of us, our 2014 resolutions and goals included one for our health.  Things like walk more, lose weight, train for a marathon, quit smoking, cut back on sugar, be more healthy in general.  As you’re putting your plan together for the remainder of the year, you might want to consider adding vitamins to that plan.

Now, I’m totally not a doctor (though I have watched every episode of House) but after my doctor prescribed B-12 years ago I’ve been a big supporter.  For me, anyway, it’s amazing how different you can feel when your body has the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals.  Growing up my Mom was the same way with Vitamin C; when she forgot to take it for a few days, she just didn’t feel as well.

Everyone’s systems are different, but Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B-12 are ones I know a lot of people take.  I meet more and more people every day that are even being prescribed Vitamin D, B-12, and others by their doctors.  And this time of year everyone I run into on the street is talking about Vitamin C to stay ahead of colds and other winter-weather yuckiness.

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