Dec 162013

This Orange Rolls recipe is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Halos.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My grandmother makes a lot of delicious sweets that I love.  Don’t ask me to chose just one – they’re all my favorite.  But at Christmas each year she puts together a plate (well, sometimes large box) filled with my most favorite treats.

Each year her food care packages include orange sweet rolls and they’re something I greatly look forward to.  Sweet and sticky, I always reach for them first.  I decided that since I love them so much, I might as well learn to make them myself so I could share them with others.

Mandarin Orange Rolls Recipe #halosfun

One thing about recipes that come handed down from my Gram is that there’s a lot of trial and error involved for those who haven’t made them before.  She doesn’t really follow a recipe; she reaches for a pinch of this and a splash of that.  She can’t even tell you how long to cook or bake something, her reply is always “It’s done when it’s done.” Continue reading »