Nov 122013

Thank you to Disney for providing trip expenses to Disney’s Toon Studios during National Aviation Month.  All thoughts and words are my own.

One of my favorite parts of our Disney trip was a visit to the Disney Toon Studios.  I love behind-the-scenes and making-of kind of features – I’m one of those people that actually watches all the extras on DVDs and Blu-rays.  So getting a “behind the screen peek”, so to speak, of Disney’s Planes during National Aviation Month was pretty cool.

Celebrating National Aviation Month with "Planes" at Disney Toon Studios #DisneyPlanesBloggers

While we were there we spoke to Jason McKinley and Thomas Leavitt, two guys who worked on Planes in Pre-Vis Development.  Jason McKinley was the actual Flight Supervisor for Planes.  And why would you need a Flight Supervisor?  Because, as Jason put it, “Flying is really, really hard.”  They were having difficulty with realistically the movement of the planes, so they created a team that was dedicated solely to flight. Continue reading »