Jan 292013

Creating a #MomCave With La-Z-Boy

#MomCave Inspiration From La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

We’ve been planning out some projects for this house this year.  Almost every room needs something: new furniture, paint, accessories, a new layout.  This has given me a reason to spend a lot of time online browsing furniture stores to get inspiration and give us some focus for when we actually go shopping.

I need #MomCave inspiration from La-Z-Boy!

Can you read the cover of the book? It’s a book about “If…” I decided to leave it on the shelf because it fit my mindset of what this room could be, “if only…”

One of the rooms that needs to be redone is the office.  It’s kind of a sad-looking room to be honest.  If you’re like me, when you start home makeovers you probably choose rooms that other people can, you know, see.  No one goes into the office except us so it’s been much lower on the list to get attention.  There’s a huge desk that hubby and I share, and a treadmill.  And blinds.  Oh, and Bubbles’ diapers and wipes (out of site yet still quick to grab when needed).  Exciting, huh? Continue reading »