Jan 292013
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Creating a #MomCave With La-Z-Boy

#MomCave Inspiration From La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

We’ve been planning out some projects for this house this year.  Almost every room needs something: new furniture, paint, accessories, a new layout.  This has given me a reason to spend a lot of time online browsing furniture stores to get inspiration and give us some focus for when we actually go shopping.

I need #MomCave inspiration from La-Z-Boy!

Can you read the cover of the book? It’s a book about “If…” I decided to leave it on the shelf because it fit my mindset of what this room could be, “if only…”

One of the rooms that needs to be redone is the office.  It’s kind of a sad-looking room to be honest.  If you’re like me, when you start home makeovers you probably choose rooms that other people can, you know, see.  No one goes into the office except us so it’s been much lower on the list to get attention.  There’s a huge desk that hubby and I share, and a treadmill.  And blinds.  Oh, and Bubbles’ diapers and wipes (out of site yet still quick to grab when needed).  Exciting, huh?

Through a combination of thinking about room configuration and being inspired by everything I was seeing online, I started to think about how I might be able to carve out a bit of space in the office that was designed just for me.  Guys get Man Caves, why can’t we have a Mom Cave?  I really only use the desk for work; when I’m blogging or catching up on email I prefer to curl up in a chair.  And if that comfy chair happened to have a nice side table, a pretty lamp, a coordinating rug, and a basket for my magazines – hey, that would be okay, too.

Dreaming of my #MomCave on the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries website

Of all the sites I visited one of my favorites was the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries website and their online catalog.  Their site is so easy to navigate (something I really appreciated) and gave me the opportunity to look “try on” different colors and prints on each chair and sofa frame that I liked.  Customization is key for La-Z-Boy; they have more than 900 fabric and leather covers with more than 250 frames!  There were a lot of things I loved but when it comes to furniture you want to try before you buy.  Lucky we have a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries store just up the road.

When I arrived I was greeted by a friendly associate who offered his assistance and then let me roam the store.  Furniture store associates have been known to make me cringe; past experiences at other stores involved me and my new shadow.  I loved that I was free to explore and get ideas, but then I could catch his eye and he’d be there to answer whatever question I may have.

The Collins Collection at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

The store was filled with every manner, color, and design of arm chair, recliner, and sofa that you could imagine.  I was surprised, though, that they also had lots of accessories, side tables, ottomans, coffee tables, and lamps to complete your look.  One of the first collections I saw walking through the doors really caught my eye.  It was the Collins collection and I loved the steely blue color of some of the leaves in the vine print.  It was paired with a matching ottoman and an incredibly comfortable couch.  I even liked the lamp on the end table.

#MomCave ideas from La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

A few feet away I found a similar print only in more of a brick red/burgundy color versus the Bayberry print.  I was barely in the store and already I had too many favorites!  I was glad that I had a few hours blocked out to shop just in case.

A collection of accessories from my local La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

As I looked through the store I realized that sometimes the accessories could give you as much inspiration as the furniture.  The colors, prints, and shapes of the lamps, rugs, and other decorative items caused me to see out furniture with similar looks.  There was one leaf-shaped stoneware plate that I absolutely loved.  Toddlers and ceramics don’t really mix but in a few years I would love to display it in my Mom Cave.

Getting comfy at the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

I was torn between designs so I took a moment to sit and think it over.  What surprised me was that they were prints I had viewed online but when I saw them online I wasn’t that crazy about them.  In person, though, the colors really came through and being staged as a grouping also made a big difference!  I’m still not 100% sure which one I would pick if I was going to turn my Mom Cave dream into a reality.  I may take advantage of the free In-Home Design Assistance and get a professional opinion, too!

Are you dreaming a bit now, too?  Then you should definitely head over and enter the La-Z-Boy Pin To Win Pinterest Sweepstakes!  You could win a $5000 La-Z-Boy furniture prize package to make your Mom Cave dream a reality! Need more Mom Cave inspiration? Check out my Mom Cave Pinterest board to see a few additional items that piqued my interest.

What would you want in your Mom Cave? Which of the items above do you like best?

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric

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  14 Responses to “Getting #MomCave Inspiration From La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries”

  1. You have some great finds! I love that print on the ottoman! Soothing colors! I love mom caves!

  2. I love the colors, and they are my colors! I gravitate to the browns and reds…I call them Fall colors. Just beautiful!

    • Those are usually our choices, too, Kelly! Chocolate brown, slate grey, sage green, burgundy, etc. Hubby calls them earth tones! Whatever they’re called, they’re my fave! :)

  3. I absolutely love the styles that La-Z-Boy has to offer! I wish we had a real gallery here for me to go see my favorites in person. I love them!

    • If there are any even sort of within driving distance, I highly recommend the day trip, Amber! Seeing the prints in person, the staging they had set up, and the answers from the staff made such a huge difference!

  4. I love the pattern on the chair and ottoman, so fresh and pretty! I definitely think that moms deserve mom caves! Very cool concept!

  5. Lazy Boy has GREAT furniture!! Love the items you picked out! Good luck! Hope you can do your Mom Cave makeover.

  6. I love that La-Z-Boy furniture has so many fun fabric choices! So many choices! :)

    • My favorite part! Hubby had no idea that you could choose most of the fabrics for whatever frame you wanted. It’s what makes it my favorite furniture store so far – you can get exactly what you want, and not have to compromise with “close enough”.

  7. Honestly? In my cave I’d want a huge comfy chair that I could sink into, put my feet up and just sit quietly for a few hours…and catch perhaps some shut eye 😉

  8. You bring up a great point about accessories and inspiration! I’ve found myself being similarly motivated while shopping, too! I do agree with you about prints and some fabrics – it can make such a positive difference to see them grouped with other complimentary pieces – ideas I never would have put together on my own. So good to know that service at La-Z-Boy is helpful but hovering! That’s the way I prefer to shop, as well. Thanks so much for sharing your finds and your experience :)

  9. I have been thinking about blocking off a little space in our huge play room to be my space- my mom cave! I would love a nice comfy recliner and a little table to set my coffee on for when I’m sitting and relaxing with a book! Maybe I could sit and relax a little while my daughter played by herself on her part of the room- haha! Yeah right! Lol!

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