Sep 022013

Thank you to the Brew Over Ice crew for providing supplies that inspired this post on end of summer party ideas.  All words and opinions are my own.

While in Chicago at the Sweet Suite event one of the things that took my eye was the iced drinks bar.  They had multiple Keurig machines lined up, buckets full of ice, and a number of Brew Over Ice beverages from which to choose.  I loved the look of it so much that I decided to recreate my own little brewing station to combat the heat we’ve been experiencing the last few days.

A Brew Over Ice drink station would be a great addition to any summer or fall party.  Backyard BBQs, pool parties, bridal or baby showers, or just to celebrate the start of a new school year.  Who wouldn’t love to create their own perfect blend of iced coffee, iced tea, or lemonade, to name a few?

End of Summer Party Ideas: Make-Your-Own Iced Drinks #LoveBrewOverIce

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Jun 182012

Our local Sam's Club

Bubbles Gets To Hold The Shopping List

Last week Bubbles and I made a trip to Sam’s Club to stock up on a few things for our Father’s Day party.  While we were there we saw the International Delights Mocha Iced Coffee being demoed.  I recently noticed these for sale at our local grocery store, but wasn’t sure if I would like it, or not.  Now I could sample it and know for sure! Continue reading »