Mar 262013

Quick & Tasty Frozen Lunch Options from ConAgra #FrozenFacts

Frozen Lunch Options from ConAgra

I really enjoy cooking which a lot of you probably know from the number of recipe and meal ideas I’ve shared with you over time.  When it comes to lunch, though, I rarely find myself in the mood to cook something.  I also don’t usually find myself with the time to cook lunch for myself, to be honest.  By the time I’m done making lunch for Bubbles and then feeding her, the afternoon is already marching on and there are tasks that need to be completed.

Thankfully there are a number of frozen entries with which I can keep my freezer stocked.  This makes it very convenient to grab-and-go even if the “go” part is only as far as the backyard to watch Bubbles play.  Of course, convenience isn’t the only consideration when it comes to lunch.  I actually have quite a list of requirements.  I want them to be low in fat and calories, use fresh ingredients, and be a decent source of fiber and protein.  Oh – and they have to taste good (kind of the most important part). Continue reading »