Apr 162013

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Provella Daily Probiotics to Support Women's Health

College is a wonderful experience but it also can be an adjustment.  You’re responsible for your sleep, study, and eating habits.  Getting into a schedule of making smart choices for those habits can take awhile which can really wreck your system.  Add in the extra stress from writing all those papers (oh, and trying to have some sort of social life) and it’s surprising we make it through.

It should have been no surprise to me, then, when I started having digestive issues.  It got bad enough that when I was home on a break from school I went to the doctor just to be sure there wasn’t something wrong.  No, nothing wrong other than it’s a bad idea to live on pizza and three hours of sleep.  The surprising thing for me was that she encouraged me to start taking over-the-counter probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

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