Aug 232011

I realized the other day that one of the things I enjoy most – cooking and baking – is one of the things that I rarely share.  So I’m going to change that!  Each Tuesday I’ll try and share (at least) one of the meals I’ve made that week.

My first recipe is one that hits three major themes that I think a lot of home cooks look for: tasty, easy and inexpensive.  My Mom would make this occasionally when I was a kid.  I wasn’t much of a fan of tomatoes back then so I didn’t really appreciate it at the time.  But one night after I was married I asked my husband if there was anything in particular he had been craving and he mentioned American Chop Suey – something his Mom had made, too.  So I called my Mom up to get the recipe.  I hadn’t made it in awhile but we had it for dinner last night.

Quick & Easy Dinners: American Chop Suey Recipe

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