Aug 122011
My brother’s fiance’s bridal shower is coming up here in a couple of weeks.  I won’t be able to make it up for the shower but I’ve been in contact with my Mom discussing gift and game ideas and other details and doing what I can from a distance.
It reminded me that a few weeks ago I wrapped up the “Goin’ to the Chapel” event with a final giveaway.  As one of the entry options I asked you all to share your best tips for a successful marriage.  While I’m thinking about it I wanted to share them with you so you can all benefit from each others’ wisdom.
Marital Wisdom
  • Be nice to each other.
  • Make him keep his clothes picked up from the beginning. It’s too hard to train them later…
  • Never, ever go to bed angry. You toss and turn all night and wake up even more angry!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Keep it simple.
  • My best piece of advice is to be open, honest, and communicate with your partner – try to see their point of view when you disagree and be considerate of each other.
  • Never let your relationship get to the stage where respect and manners are lost.
  • Always make time to just focus on each other.
  • Love is a VERB. Love your husband and strive to make him happy.
  • Be honest to each other.
  • Enjoy every minute.
  • Choose your battles carefully.. Let the small stuff go. If your spouse is doing something that is irritating, but not a bid deal, work it out yourself and get over it. It’s not worth a fight over socks on the floor. There will be bigger issues than socks (etc), and those are the issues you need to talk out
  • Go on as many vacations as possible before you have kids.

  • Hope you enjoy!
    Jun 272011
    Throughout the Goin’ to the Chapel series I’ve mentioned having a “Big Day Bag” a few different times in my posts.  But what exactly is a Big Day Bag?
    A Big Day Bag is basically an emergency kit, also called a wedding day survival kit.  It’s full of things you might not think you’d need – and that you hopefully won’t need – but that you’ll want to have just in case.  Here are a list of items you might want to pack in one:
    • Band Aids
    • Safety Pins
    • Tissues
    • Floss (you would be amazed at the myriad of uses floss have. It’s like Duct Tape.)
    • A small sewing kit
    • Mints
    • Aspirin or other pain reliever
    • Baby Wipes
    • Snacks and cold bottles of water (for you and your bridal party)
    • Double-sided tape
    • Mini hairspray and mini brush
    Of course you may want to include other things, as well.  If you’d like to save yourself having to think through what you need, there are some great wedding day survival kits that you can purchase.  The Knot has a Wedding Day Survival Kit that has some of the above items (and some additional ones).  Amazon also have one for the groom, the bridesmaids, and mother of the groom.

    Having a kit – either purchased or homemade – will be well worth the time, effort and cost if it helps keep something random from ruining your big day!

    Jun 262011
    So the big day is (hypothetically) here and there are a million last minute thoughts flying through your head.  You’re stressing out because the blemish on your chin (that no one else can see) looks as big as a house, the flower girl missed her nap and is in the middle of a melt-down, and the ring bearer has decided that neither McDonald’s nor a new truck is enough payment to keep his jacket on and walk down the aisle.

    I can’t help much with two and three, but Milene from Mary Kay can help you with the first one.

    To start with, the morning of your wedding isn’t really the first day that you want to start experimenting with a new look.  By the time the big day arrives you want to have already decided on your colors, style, application process, etc.  But before you get to the big day, definitely play around!  It’s a one-day event and so you may want to shake things up a little bit with a special look.  As with anything, I’m big on “try before you buy” when feasible.  The Virtual Makeover on Milene’s Mary Kay site is a great way to do just that.  You can choose to use one of the site models or for a more authentic display upload your own photo.  From there you get to play with everything from lipstick, liner and gloss to eye color and cheek color.  You can even choose accessories – including bridal veils! – to see how it’s all going to pull together.
    Mary Kay Bridal Makeover in “Natural”
    Maybe you’re a gun-shy when it comes to choosing cosmetics or colors.  Not only can you get recommended looks by skin tone and “look” (natural, dramatic, and classic) and makeup artist looks by trend, you can get makeup artist bridal look recommendations.  Seriously perfect, right?  There are seven recommended bridal looks, including classic, glamorous and evening.  When you choose each look a virtual Mary Kay compact filled with all the matching products shows up on the right so that you know what to select and a “buy this look” button makes it easy to snag them all at once.
    Mary Kay Bridal “Emergency Kit”
    You can also check out the “Vow Factor” section that shows all the bridal kits.   My favorite is the Emergency Kit that comes with Soothing Eye Gel, Oil-Free Makeup Remover, Brow Gel and Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers.  The products look compact and easy to toss into your Big Day bag and with the tears you’re likely to shed during or after the ceremony it could be a lifesaver.  Swipe off the old makeup, touch-up with some new.  Give your eyes a little break with the eye gel on the limo ride to the reception.  Keep your brow, nose and chin shine-free for the hundreds of pictures that are sure to be snapped that day.  Really seems like a great kit and something that might be a nice gift for the bride.

    No matter what you choose to create your look for your ceremony – or if you decide to hire someone to do it for you – you’ll want to have made decisions and had a couple of dry runs ahead of time.  It will save you a few extra moments of stress the morning of, and with the flower girl in tears and the ring bearer having run off, you’ll want every stress-free moment you can get!

    Thanks to Milene, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, for sharing the information on how Mary Kay can help you with your wedding day look, and for providing a great prize for the Week 3 giveaways!

    Jun 232011
    Rue La La, one of the boutique daily deal sites, is having a “Style. I Do!” sale (curated by The Knot which I posted about during Week 1) that will be running for the next 36 hours.  They have wedding dresses, tuxes, veils, bridal accessories, shoes and more!  Prices are low – nearly $2000 wedding dresses selling for less than $400, and some wedding gowns for less than $100 – and inventory is going fast.  Pop over there now to grab some goodies at a steep discount before they’re gone.

    Here are some examples of sale items:
    Private Collection Pleated Bodice Wedding Gown
    DaVinci Beaded  Satin Wedding Gown

    Majorica Silver & Pearl Necklace
    Kenneth Cole 2-Button Tuxedo
    Elie Tahari Black Stripe Silk Tie
    Jun 182011
    From the day the engagement is announced to the day of the wedding itself, there are a number of occasions where someone may want to purchase a gift.  Some people may choose to give an engagement present (especially because some couples now throw engagement parties), and then there may be a gift for the shower, a gift for the wedding – possibly even a bachelorette or bachelor party gift.  And the couple may want to purchase gifts for their bridal party, too.

    Whatever occasion you’re looking for the prize sponsors for Week 2 of the Goin’ to the Chapel event have items that anyone would love.

    Simply Said Wedding Wall Design
    Appropriate for an engagement party, bridal shower or wedding gift the wall sayings from Candace at Simply Said Designs would make a nice touch for the couple’s new home.  I also think they could be very unique shower, ceremony or reception decorations.  They have four whole pages (14-17) of wedding design packages.

    Simply Said Last Name Design
    And for the home they have personalized designs of the couple’s name and year of marriage as well as sayings like “Together We Make a Family”, “Be True to the Family Name You Bear”, “A Smile Last a Moment, the Memory Lasts a Lifetime”, “I Gave You My Heart and You Filled it With Love”, and “Together is a Wonderful Place to Be”.  All the designs come in a variety of different sizes and price ranges so you’ll be able to find something perfect for every spot in the home at the price point you’re comfortable spending.

    Scentsy DIY Silver Wedding Pack
    Another great option are the products from Brandy at Scentsy Candles.  Almost everyone loves candles and that warm feeling you get when you catch the soft scent in the air.  Scentsy gives you that great candle scent minus the fire (which, as an aside, makes them a nice gift for college students who can’t have a flame in their dorm room).  One item they have that I think would make a great shower gift would be their DIY Warmer with DIY Wedding Theme Packs.  Not only is it a nice home decor item, the bride could set it on the head table at their reception.

    Scentsy Bar in Love Story
    If you’re giving as a shower or wedding gift you could also pick something that might match the couples decor, their favorite sport, or their favorite team to cheer for together (go UK!).  Then you can choose one of the scented bars to add to the warmer.  The Romance Collection or Corner Cafe Collection might be good places to start to select a scent.

    Outdoor Cool & Serve Square Tray
    And of course you can’t go wrong with selecting a gift if you’re choosing something for the kitchen.  Everyone loves to eat (they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach) and preparing food together is an activity that can truly bring a couple closer together.  Pampered Chef in Louisville (delivery US-wide) can help you choose a gift that’s perfect for the couple.  Do they like to grill or entertain outside?  Then maybe one of the grilling tools or outdoor serving & dining pieces would be a great choice.  Maybe they’re bakers?

    Dip Set with Bamboo Spoons
    And for a great wedding present you may consider purchasing a knife block and choosing a couple of knives like the chef’s knife, Santoku, paring or utility knife.  They have a lifetime warranty and I guarantee they would be used on a daily basis in the couple’s new home – even if they’re not big cooks.  (And if they’re not big chefs, you might want to think about tossing in a cookbook or two and maybe some mixes or spices.)

    Our giveaway sponsors have put some great prizes up for this week and I will be posting the entry forms shortly.  In the meantime please take a moment to visit them and show them a little support if you enjoy their products!