Nov 202015
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This is a partnered post with Amwell. Opinions and experiences are my own.

Not too long after Bubbles was born, my husband got sick.  I don’t really remember what it ended up being, but I do remember the frustration we all felt.  He didn’t feel well enough to drive himself the doctor, and we really didn’t want to take Bubbles to an office full of sick people.

Face to face doctor's visits from the comfort of your home with Amwell

In the end either Ashley or one of his friends ended up driving him, but I remember wishing at the time that house calls were still available.  And now I’ve found something even better than a house call: Amwell consultations.

Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists for immediate and live, online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop.  You can speak with them regarding a number of different topics such as the flu, sinus infection, depression, fever, weight concerns, UTIs and more.

You can connect to an Amwell doctor from your phone, PC or iPad!

Bubbles had the sniffles the other day and while she spent less than a day sneezing, she passed it on to me where the symptoms grew.  I had a mild fever, which for me is rare, plus sneezing, a headache, pressure in my head, and a runny nose.  I was miserable, but I didn’t really feel like hauling myself into a doctor’s office.  So I flipped open my laptop and connected with an Amwell doctor.

Speak with a primary care or other doctor from the comfort of your own home with Amwell

Jill was polite, professional and thorough.  She reviewed the small amount of information I had provided ahead of time, and then asked me additional questions.  You can interact via video chat, text chat, or even call them directly as part of your virtual visit.

Read the profile and ratings of doctors on the Amwell website, then choose one to speak with

The doctors do have the ability to prescribe medications if you connect via video, but in my case, I wanted to try an OTC option first.  Jill provided me with a suggestion, and then suggested that if I’m not feeling better in a week, to reconnect and we can discuss the possibility of an antibiotic or something else at that time.

I feel like services like Amwell have been a long time coming.  There are so many reasons why connecting with a doctor online makes sense, not the least of which is the cost savings.  Your insurance may cover your Amwell visit, but even if it doesn’t, the prices for different types of visits that I looked at were all really affordable (under $50).

No one wants to wake a sick child. Talk to a doctor from home with Amwell instead!

Of course there’s also the convenience factor.  Who really wants to have to wake the kids up to take them to the doctor (either for them or for you) once they’re finally comfortable and sleeping?

Because I would like for you to all to be to try the service yourself, I’m excited that the Amwell folks are offering you each a FREE visit.  Visit Amwell and use promo code BEWELL10 to make your first visit free!

What would you ask an Amwell doctor?

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  1. Such a great solution when you are in a time crunch!

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