Jun 272015
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This post on sun safety tips is a partnered post with Xperio. All opinions are my own.

It’s National Sunglasses Day and I thought it was an appropriate time to discuss sun safety tips for protecting your eyes.  Most of us remember to put sunscreen on to protect our skin, and then don’t give another thought to our eyes.

Sun Safety Tips for Protecting Your Eyes and Vision

But prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and a number of other eye problems, including sunburn on the surface of the eye and skin cancer around the eyes.  With about 3 million people going blind each year from prolonged UV exposure, it’s something we all should think about daily.

Sun Safety Tips for Eyes

Find shade – If you’re outside, try your best to find a shady spot.  This is especially true from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the UV rays are strongest.  Shade doesn’t guarantee your eyes’ safety, however, as around 40% of UV exposure happens when not in direct sunlight.

Sun Safety Tips for Protecting Your Eyes and Vision - Wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protection sunglasses

Wear a hat – Wide-brimmed hats aren’t just for toddlers and babies; everyone should wear one!  Hats with a brim of 3″ all around can actually block up to half of UVB rays from your eyes and eyelids.

Get a great pair of shades – You should wear your sunglasses any time you’re outside, and not just during the summer.  For example, snow can reflect 80% of UV rays back into your eyes.  The lenses in your sunglasses should absorb 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays, and preferably should be polarized to eliminate glare.  And when choosing frames, remember that the more surface the glasses cover, the better.

Experio UV Lenses Comparison

Recently Xperio UV offered for me to send them a pair of my sunglasses so they could replace the lenses with Xperio UV prescription lenses.  These lenses are amazing!  The clarity when wearing them is probably the best I’ve ever personally worn, and they’re designed to protect against scratches, smudges, dust and water, too.  And they have an E-SPF® index of 50+

You can have Xperio UV lenses added to any pair of frames from inexpensive frames you get at Target, a nice pair of Oakley’s, or a swanky pair of designer frames.  Talk to your eye care professional about them at your next eye exam.

How do you practice sun safety for your eyes?

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