Oct 012013
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Thank you to Gorton’s for providing a product pack that let us serve up classic fish and chips.

Growing up in Maine I had the good fortune to be exposed to lots of seafood.  Much of it was fresh off the boat – literally.  You’d watch the fishermen unload their boats behind the restaurant and a few minutes later it would arrive on your plate.  And if you’re talking lobster, you could even go and choose the exact one you wanted.

It’s a little harder to get that fresh seafood here in Kentucky.  So when we’re craving something from the sea, we usually turn to Gorton’s.  They’ve been providing quality fish to homes all across the US and Canada since 1849.  The little tag “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman” is easy to do when you’re talking about a company that’s been around for over 160 years.

Gorton’s now has everything from fish sticks to grilled salmon to shrimp scampi.  There isn’t a single product they offer that I’ve tried that I haven’t liked.  I have yet to try the tilapia fish sticks, but they’re definitely next on my list.

Gorton's Seafood Halloween Fish Stick Graveyard #WickedGoodSeafood

Their seafood products are great served as-is, but if you like to get a little fancy, you can use them as a base in a variety of recipes.  One of the recipes that caught my eye was for the Halloween Fish Stick Graveyard.  This would be so fun for dinner on Halloween night – and it has ingredients my daughter will actually eat.

My favorite recipe listed on the Gorton’s site, though, was for the Classic Fish and Chips.  Fish and Chips has long been one of my favorite meals; I can never leave Epcot without picking up an order of them in the Great Britain pavilion.  It’s just so good!

While Gorton’s has lots of options under 200 calories I didn’t think fish and chips was the place to cut calories.  So we actually deep fried them.  And the fries, too.  Not super-healthy, I know, and normally we do bake them, but for a treat it was delicious.

Classic Fish and Chips with Gorton's Beer Battered Filets #WickedGoodSeafood

I served them as traditionally as I could.  I lined baskets with newspaper and set the table with a bottle of malt vinegar.  If you haven’t had fish (or fries, for that matter) drizzled with malt vinegar – get on it.  It’s one of my favorite condiments.

Right now Gorton’s is giving away a Wicked Good Family Trip to one of my favorite cities – Boston!  Be sure to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win.  And don’t forget to snag your $1/2 coupon and pick up some seafood for dinner this week.

What is your favorite seafood dish or recipe?

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