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Thank you to Personalized Gifts for providing personalized items that inspired me to create these tips for decorating a toddler’s bedroom.

Recently we took Bubbles to a local carnival that was in town for the weekend.  The rides were all a bit old for her but we did let her play one of the kiddie games, the kind that you play until you win.  As her prize, she selected a princess poster for her room.

Honestly, I didn’t think we’d get to the poster-decorating stage for a few more years.  But it did make me realize that maybe it was time for Bubbles’ room to get a mini-makeover.  We’re taking down a few of the things that were a little more appropriate for a baby and adding a few elements more appropriate for a toddler.  As we’ve started going through the process, I’ve discovered some tips for a successful mini-makeover that I wanted to share.

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler's Bedroom

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler’s Bedroom

  1. Take stock.  Remove everything from the walls and room (other than large furniture) and see what you want to keep, what needs to be replaced, and anything that can be repurposed.  For example, have a great lamp base, but the lamp shade has duckies?  Purchasing a new shade is much less expensive than an entire new lamp.
  2. Create a plan.  Take a look at the space and determine if you want to change the layout at all.  Then sketch the room, the furniture, and the items you’re keeping.  Having a visual of what space is left to be filled and the sizes of those spaces is very helpful.
  3. Plan for storage.  Toddlers need more places to put their toys, books, and other stuff than babies do.  Try placing it at their eye level so it’s easy for them to put things away on their own.  Bins, low bookshelves, and crates are good choices for this age group.
  4. Room to Grow.  Your child’s tastes may change quickly at this age.  If you do choose a theme (monsters, princesses, planes, etc.) consider starting with a base color scheme then add in the theme.  Items that can be easily swapped out – curtains, wall decals, art, etc. – are easier to change than wallpaper or painted murals.
  5. Add personalization.  Kids love seeing their name and picture, as well as things they’ve created themselves.  Consider framing a few of their drawings, as well as adding some personalized wall art, such as posters.

For personalized art consider ordering from Personalized Gifts.  Not only do they have a nice selection of items to choose from they give you more options for customization that I’ve seen anywhere else.  You can choose from different themes, fonts, and colors.

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler's Bedroom: Personalize it with NameArt

To start with you select a theme.  You can choose from mermaids, robots, teddy bears, fairies, monsters, dragons, angels, and wizards.  Inside of each theme are two to four different font options.  You’ll find yourself playing with the customization tool quite a bit, as they really do provide a number of different combinations to help you achieve just the right look.

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler's Bedroom: Personalize it with NameArt

Just when you think you’re done – now you can choose your colors, if you so desire.  Clicking on each letter in your name will give you up to five color options for that letter.  You select a color for each letter, allowing you to mix and match as much as you’d like. In this view you can also make small changes to the theme, like the facing or expression of the characters.

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler's Bedroom: Personalize with NameArt

5 Tips for Decorating a Toddler's Bedroom: Personalize with NameArt

Once all the personalization decisions are made, it’s time to pick your products.  There are peel & stick decals, bookmarks, poster, placemat, wooden name bar (that comes with a wooden display easel), and pillow, and even a fine art print (that you can have framed) and a design mounted on bamboo.  They also have combo packs for some items that give you a bit of a discount.

I edited out most of Bubbles’ name above but I did want you to see a photo of the beautiful finished product.  The colors are truly amazing – rich, deep, and eye-catching (definitely gift-giving quality).  Everything seems very durable, too, which is great for a toddler’s room.  They’re not always gentle with how they handle everything, but I think these items will hold up to the wear and tear.

If you’d like to update your child’s room, Personalized Gifts would like to help.  One reader will win their choice of a Poster, Placemat, Fine Art Print or Name Bar. Giveaway closed – congrats Linda M.!

What are your tips for decorating a toddler’s bedroom?  What is your favorite Personalized Gifts product?

I received products in order to help facilitate my review. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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  2. Think durable and fun. Chalkboard paint is great for letting kids be creative but comes clean. Rugs can easily be removed when stained and come in fun colors.

  3. Special kinds of lighting that make a room magical.

  4. Make sure the room is user friendly. Toddlers tend to be rough on things. You want to make sure there are no items that the child can get hurt on if broken.

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  6. Plenty of cute baskets to keep things organized.

  7. Also make it something they can grow into, meaning that it will be something he or she will like for many years to come. For example since both my husband and I went to the University of Michigan we decided to design his room after the school’s colors (blue and maize). We got him a huge Michigan ‘M’ and one of those college bedding sets with the Michigan wolverine on it as well.


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