Mar 152012
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Pin Me! Pinterest Thursdays

Spring is definitely in the air – it’s been in the 70s and 80s this week and yesterday as Bubbles and I took a stroll around our neighborhood, we saw lots of trees and flowers blooming.

When the weather changes like this (even though it’s likely temporary), it gets me thinking about spring cleaning.  And that is the theme of the weekly Pinterest meme that Matter of Cents and I co-host.

Below are some of my favorite spring cleaning- and organization-related pins from Pinterest (all images link to their source on Pinterest).  And keep an eye out for my upcoming cleaning and organization series!

Smart Pantry Storage:  Hang your measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a cupboard door!

Smart Pantry Storage

Smart Pantry Storage:  Print labels for your containers (like these plastic cereal keepers) to know the contents at a glance.

Custom Pantry Labels

Closet Clutter-Buster:  If you have a handbag collection, try shower curtain rings!

Shower Curtain Rings

Closet Clutter-Buster:  Use cheap wire hangers to keep your flip-flops tidy.

Wire Hangers for Flip-Flops

Storage:  Need a place to store your seasonal items (or stuff you can’t bring yourself to toss)?  Garage ceiling!

Garage Ceiling Storage

Clutter-Buster:  Did your spring cleaning reveal a stack of magazines large enough to hide a small child?  Try this shutter organizer.

Shutter Magazine Organizer

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  2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning Courtesy of Pinerest – Pin Me! Pinterest Thursdays”

  1. I love labels. It makes things look cleaner to me.

    I really love the idea of hanging the measuring cups on the door!!

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