Sep 252013

I participated in a campaign to create Triscuit recipes on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Triscuit. I received products to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I’ve always loved Triscuit crackers; they’re truly an iconic snack.  For me, it’s always been about the satisfying crunch when you bit into it.  I also like how a Triscuit holds up to whatever you decide to pile on it.

I thought the crackers were pretty perfect the way they are, but after a hundred years, there’s a new twist on Triscuits.  In addition to the traditional wheat, they’ve now added brown rice to the mix.  Taking the opportunity to tempt your taste buds one step further, sweet potatoes and red beans have been baked into some varieties, also.

Triscuit Recipes for the New Brown Rice Triscuits #BrownRiceTriscuit

With the new crackers in flavors like Sea Salt & Black Pepper, I started to think about what new toppers I might try.  When I was young the most adventurous I got was getting fancy with the canned cheese.  But I felt these crackers needed something a little special. Continue reading »