May 242014

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Graduations are starting to take place, and school will soon be out for the summer.  For many people, that means the start of summer travel season.  Whether it’s a roadtrip or if you’re going by air or ship, I’ve got packing tips to help get you where you’re going.

10 Packing Tips to Make Traveling a Breeze

Create a Packing List

Number one on my list of packing tips is to create a packing list.  I have been doing this since the first time I traveled solo (and maybe even before that).

I write out a list of everything I’m going to need to take, and as I pack each item, I cross it off the list.  Then I copy the list over onto a new piece of paper, writing down only the items I actually packed.  That clean list gets placed inside of the suitcase so that I can use it as a check-off list when we head for home; no more forgotten favorite dress or sunglasses. Continue reading »