Jul 132013

I don’t recall us eating much meatloaf when I was a kid.  I’m sure we did because it’s, you know, meatloaf.  An absolutely classic comfort food.  It’s a dish that when combined with mashed potatoes and gravy is called the “all-American meal” – despite the fact that a version was found in a Roman cookbook in the 5th century!

Meatloaf isn’t something I make regularly.  In fact, I can only recall a couple of times previously that I’ve cooked it.  It’s one of those dishes that have a lot of variables: will it stay together, will it be tough, will it be dry, etc.  But hubby loves meatloaf so when I saw this recipe for Mom’s Meatloaf in the new Garfield… Recipes with Cattitude! cookbook from Gooseberry Patch I knew I wanted to give it a try.

Mom's Meatloaf Recipe from the Gooseberry Patch cookbook "Garfield... Recipes with Cattitude!"

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