Dec 062013

This post on Christmas cookie Recipes is brought to you by Bing. All thoughts and words are my own. #ThisIsBing

I have quite a collection of go-to Christmas cookie recipes.  Between my own that I’ve accumulated over the years plus family-favorites that I make every season, I’m never at a loss for something to bake.  But sometimes I like to browse online and see if there’s anything new out there that catches my eye, or even an old favorite that I’ve forgotten about.

Christmas Cookie Recipes: Sugar Cookies

One way to look for great recipes is with Bing Smart Search.  You don’t even need to open a browser, you can just swipe and tap to get started.  The search results are really visual; you get a web preview without even having to click.  I love that feature, especially when I’m searching for recipes or crafts.  Cutting down on unnecessary clicks saves me time. Continue reading »