Jul 142018
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Staying organized can be difficult no matter the time of year. But it feels like summer organization brings its own set of challenges.

5 summer organization tips for kids

You are likely off your normal routine, bedtimes change, kids are spending more time in the house which means more messes created. And when there’s a choice between playing and making s’mores or cleaning, well…even I wouldn’t choose cleaning.

5 Easy Summer Organization Tips for Kids

I have a few summer organization tips that will hopefully help you keep routines without losing the fun.

Set your expectations.  Before anything, the kiddos need to know what your expectations are. Do their rooms need to be spotless every day, or are you okay with a once a week deep-clean? Can they clean at their own pace, or will you set schedule? Expectations keep you both from being frustrated and help prevent meltdowns, too (and the only kind of meltdowns you want to deal with, is what drips off an ice cream cone).

Create a chore chart.  You may want to reduce the number of chores your kids normally do during the school year, or you may want to keep it the same – it’s up to you. In the summer we’re a little more lax, so I stick to the necessities: clothes picked up, trash thrown away, and dishes returned to the kitchen. Consider adding in a small reward when they follow through, like the chance to earn a few dollars for a souvenir on vacation, etc.

5 summer organization tips for kids

Make cleanup easy.  We choose easy storage options, like bins or baskets, especially in the summer. Recently TCG Toys sent us a really cool storage chair. The lid lifts to hold a ton of toys all in easy reach while still being out of sight. Plus they come in cute designs featuring characters from Disney, Nickelodeon and more. They also sent a floor mat, which is great for providing a designated play area that also helps keep toys corralled into one spot.

Gather “Out the Door” bags.  Have your kids put together a tote full of whatever they might want or need for last-minute adventures or quick road trips. This helps keep some of their gear organized, while also saving time for getting out the door. Suggest things like books, a favorite toy or buddy, an extra swimsuit and towel, a change of clothes, or whatever else they might need.

Summer vacation collections.  Your kiddos are likely to pick up a number of mementos during the summer, even if you don’t wander further than your own town. Have them decorate a box or jar to store their treasures, or a dedicate a shelf in their room for displaying just these items.

What summer organization tips do you have to share?

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