Oct 222014
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While I love big cities – Boston and Orlando are a couple of my favorites – I also really enjoy checking out what smaller, local towns have to offer.  It might come from growing up in a very rural part of Maine.  I know there’s a lot of charm in those small towns plus usually a lot of hidden gems to explore.

Mini-Golf at the Golf Shores Fun Center in Corydon, Indiana

So when we were recently invited to come and visit Corydon, Indiana I was immediately on board.  Fortunately hubby also loves local excursions, so he wasn’t hard to convince, and all I ever have to say to Bubbles is “Do you want to…” and she shouts “yes!” before I have a chance to finish.  It was easily decided, then, that we would go and spend the weekend there.

Fish Tank in the Hotel Lobby in Corydon, Indiana

Once we arrived we checked into our hotel, the Comfort Inn, and took a little time to look through local business brochures and familiarize ourselves with the layout of the area.  Then we headed downstairs and after Bubbles had her fill of watching the fish in the lobby, we set out for what Bubbles had been waiting for, a round of mini-golf.

Play Mini-Golf at the Golf Shores Fun Center in Coryon, Indiana

The Golf Shores Fun Center was only a mile or so from our hotel.  They have both an outdoor course and a black-light indoor course (they even have 3D glasses available to amp up the experience).  Golf Shores is open year-round and has an arcade, snack shop and coffee bar, Wi-fi lounge, and party rooms that are great for birthday parties.

It was a beautiful early-fall day (plus I wasn’t sure how Bubbles would react to the darker indoor course), so we opted for the outdoor course.  It was her first round of mini-golf and I was surprised at how coordinated she was.  She didn’t fully grasp the concept of the game, though, as we all got to take one stroke before she’d go and collect the ball to drop it in the cup.  We still had a lot of fun, though!

Go Cave Exploring in the Indiana Caverns in Corydon, Indiana

If mini-golf is a little tame for you, there are plenty of more adventurous offerings.  For example, the Corydon area has a large collection of caves for you to explore.

Indiana Caverns Boat Tour in Corydon, Indiana

Some of the cave options include Indiana Caverns, Marengo Cave, and Squire Boone Caverns.  Indiana Caverns was our first stop as it was more centrally located to where we were and there was a boat ride involved which sounded like a lot of fun!  There was also a gemstone mining station set up outside, which if we had a little more time I think would have been fun for Bubbles (and, let’s be honest, fun for me).

Marengo Cave in Corydon, Indiana

Each of the caves and caverns have different things to do and see, and they’re all worth spending some time.  Marengo Cave, in addition to also having gemstone mining available, has walking tours through Crystal Palace and Dripstone Trail, plus canoeing.  And Squire Boone Caverns has cavern tours, a rock shop, and even some ziplining!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more to do and see in Corydon, Indiana.  I’ll be sharing some great ways to enjoy the fall season while you’re visiting.

Have you been to Corydon?  I’d love to hear about it!

I received a complimentary hotel stay and passes to local attractions in order to experience Corydon. All thoughts, words, and experiences are entirely my own.

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