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When I was growing up we always left cookies and milk for Santa.  We also left carrots for the reindeer; I mean, they have to do a lot of work, too, flying all night.  I was always worried they’d get really hungry!  My parents assured me that they loved carrots and that they were good for their eyesight.

One group that I didn’t really think of as a child were the elves.  I’m not sure how they didn’t cross my mind, but they didn’t.  But they really shouldn’t go hungry, either.  So with Bubbles I’ll be starting the tradition of leaving out tiny little snacks for them, something like these cute elf donuts.  I also made a special little box to serve them in, that’s shaped like a gift.  Both are easy to make.

Elven Gift Box with Frosted Elf Donuts

Elven Gift Box

Needed Supplies:

Paper mache box
Christmas-themed scrapbook paper
Double-sided tape or glue dots
Small piece of parchment paper


Elven Gift Box for Frosted Elf Donuts

Measure around the side of your box and cut a strip of scrapbook paper that size.  Measure the bottom of your box and cut a square of scrapbook paper 1/4″ larger than your measurements.  Finally, measure the box lid and cut a square of scrapbook paper 1/2″ larger than your measurements.

Place strips of double-sided tape (or glue dots) on the bottom of your box.  Attach the bottom square of paper and fold any extra up the sides.  Next, place more double-sided tape along the sides of your box.  Wrap the first piece of scrapbook paper around the sides and stick in place, covering any extra you folded up from the bottom.

Elven Gift Box for Frosted Elf Donuts

Use strips of double-sided tape and line the edges of the box cover.  Place box top in center of your scrapbook paper square and fold edges up.  Make small slits in the corners and fold the edges down to completely cover.

Frosted Elf Donuts

Needed Supplies:

Cheerios cereal
Candy melts
Sprinkles or nonpareils


Melt the candy melts according to the package directions.  Dip individual cereal pieces in candy melts, using a spoon to swirl and cover completely.  Dip immediately in sprinkles.  Leave some without sprinkles for plain frosted, and leave some completely plain for a “plain cake donut” treat.

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  2. This is just darling! Pinned to do it this Christmas :)

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