Mar 122013
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Today is National Girl Scout Day. Each year they celebrate the creation of the first Girl Scouts group which formed on March 12th, 1912. I personally was never a Girl Scout but I’ve purchased my fair share of Girl Scout cookies over the years.

Recipes for Homemade Girl Scout Cookies and more

Lately I’ve seen a number of recipes on Pinterest showing how to make your own homemade Girl Scout Cookies, as well as a number of other recipes that use Girl Scout cookies as an ingredient.  I thought it would be fun to share some of those recipes with you, as eating cookies sounds like a great way to celebrate any special occasion!

I will definitely have to give the homemade Samoas recipe a try as they’re one of my husband’s favorite cookies.  But the Tagalongs with no butter and no sugar are intriguing, too, so I may have to give that one a try as well.

Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Homemade Samoas from Just A Taste
Homemade Tagalongs from The View from the Great Island
Homemade Lemonades from The Family Kitchen on Babble
Homemade Do-Si-Dos from Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker
Homemade Thin Mints from Chef in Training
Gluten-Free Samoas from Real Sustenance
Gluten-Free Do-Si-Dos from The Baking Beauties

Recipes Using Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint Truffles from The Recipe Critic
Girl Scout Cookie Fudge from Dine and Dish
Girl Scout Cookie Shakes (two kinds) from Your Homebased Mom

If you have some extra Thin Mint cookies kicking around (ha ha, extra cookies. Funny, I know) may I suggest using them as a base for mini cheesecakes?  They are delicious when used that way.  They’re also great chopped up and mixed into a Grasshopper Pie.

Which kind of Girl Scout cookies is your favorite?  Do you have any recipes to share?

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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  3 Responses to “Bake Up Your Own Girl Scout Cookies for National Girl Scout Day”

  1. Thin Mints are my all time favorite Girl Scout cookie & I do not buy them because I will eat them all :) As yummy as these look, I don’t need the temptation!

  2. I love Trefoils! I have heard about being able to use copycat recipes to make your own Girl Scout cookies. I am going to try making the Samoas for my hubby!

  3. My husband’s favorite is Samoa – If I could make this for him, he’d be impressed! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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