Oct 242012
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The Middle Halloween special airs tonight!

Patricia Heaton stars as Frankie Heck in The Middle

Recently I and a handful of other bloggers had the opportunity to participate in a phone interview with Patricia Heaton.  She stars as Frankie Heck on ABC’s The Middle, a show that my family loves and watches each week.  Tonight is their Halloween special, which we had the chance to preview, as well.

Patricia Heaton as Frankie Heck in ABC's The Middle Halloween Episode

You’re going to love tonight’s special, called “Halloween III: The Driving”.  I won’t give any spoilers, but I think you’ll be able to relate to what Frankie and the rest of the family goes through.  Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated for Halloween (or holidays in general) and all the “extras” – like putting together costumes, helping out at school events, taking the kids trick or treating.  There’s also a side story line related to the angst of teenagers and driving that I thought was really funny.  A2 has his permit so it’s very relevant to our lives right now.

I have to say that Patricia Heaton was absolutely lovely during our interview.  She was friendly, happy to answer questions, and very down-to-earth.  It was nice to find out that she and her family can relate to a lot of the content from the show, as well.  She was asked if she had any tips for balancing work and family life, something I think a lot of moms struggle with.  She responded “…it’s exhausting what we try to do.  But you know, I think you really have to pick your battles.  You have to kind of think if this was the last week of my life what would be the important thing to do and what stuff should I not be worrying about?”  I personally think that’s excellent advice!

She also shared some general information and thoughts about the show, including the fact that not one word is ad libbed.  I found that surprising; I always assumed that most comedies had some give and take with the script.  Apparently not!  And her favorite episode?  This season’s hour-long premier.  If you missed it, daughter Sue went “bad girl” to try and get the attention of her family.  Fortunately for Frankie and Mike, Sue’s version of bad girl is the tamest you’ll ever see.

Patricia Heaton in the Halloween episode of The Middle

“Halloween III: The Driving” airs tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.  You’re not going to want to miss it!  You should also fire up Twitter and follow along with One2One Network’s Live Twitter viewing party!  You can RSVP here.  Hope to see you there – I know I’ll be there tweeting!

Patricia Heaton stars as Frankie Heck in The Middle

I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions as always are 100% that of myself and my family.

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  1. Love Patricia Heaton! I couldn’t help but hear the quote you included in her voice. lol

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