Jun 222011
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Weddings are all about memories. And as fathers prepare to walk their daughters down the aisle (or as brothers prepare to walk sisters, grandfathers prepare to walk granddaughters, etc.) you can be sure they are thinking back through the years and reliving some of the memories that they have created together. Wearing your heart on your sleeve may be just a saying but now it’s possible to literally wear your memories on your sleeve, too.

I recently received an Easy Change Photo Cufflinks Kit in the mail from Photo Jewelry Making. These would make a great Father’s Day gift for next year but I think they would also be the perfect gift from the bride to the person walking her down the aisle. From the men I spoke to over the weekend, they all agreed that having a special photo of the two of them slipped into these cufflinks for them to wear on the big day would be a perfect little touch.

Photo Software to Make Personalized Photo Cufflinks

This kit honestly could not be easier to use.  To start, load the included software CD so that you can edit your photo and then shrink it down to size.  To do so:

  1. Select the photo you want to use
  2. Edit the photo by cropping, adding text, etc.
  3. Enter the size (in mms) that you want the photo to be (15mm for use in the cufflinks)

Photo Software to Make Custom Photo Cufflinks

These particular cufflinks are round so I selected “circle” for the shape, but you can also choose square, oval and rectangle.  Be sure to copy your image into the 2nd box so that you can print both photos at the same time.  (I overlooked duplicating my photo the 1st time and ended up with just 1 photo printed.)

Photo Cufflink Pieces

Now you’re ready to print and assemble.  In addition to the software (and a 4×6″ sheet of photo paper) the kit includes two silver round cufflinks.  You just unscrew the backs from both cufflinks, leaving the plastic circles in the bottom to protect your photo.  Drop your photos into the base of each cufflink (on top of the plastic circles), screw the backs on again, and you’re done.

Finished Photo Cufflinks

I apologize for the photo quality of the finished product; a couple of things happened.  First someone (who shall remain nameless!) accidentally tossed the photo paper that came with it so the print quality isn’t quite as nice.  I also ran out of colored ink and while they look fine in black and white, they would definitely “pop” a little more in color.  That should be no reflection, however, of the quality of the cufflinks because they really are quite nice.

A suggestion: 15mm is not very large.  The picture is going to show up best with just a couple of people in it.  If you’re choosing to purchase these for Father’s Day or another event and there are more than two children, or you want more than two people included, for best results I would suggest printing two different pictures – one for each cuff – and include up to two faces per picture.

The kit regularly costs $24.95 but is currently on sale for just $19.95.  Honestly, I think that the kit is worth that price for the editing software alone.  I already have a number of other projects that I plan to use it for – including shrinking down photos of Baby C for the photo frame I received for a shower gift.  You know the ones that have a slot for a picture each month for the first year?  Photos aren’t commonly available that small anymore and so this software will be great for editing them down to the perfect size and shape.

Photo Jewelry Making is a family-owned business located in Michigan.  They are the world’s largest photo jewelry supply store and have been featured on NBC’s Today Show.  If you need assistance when ordering or using their products they have great tutorial videos, an FAQ section and an online live chat tool.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media.  I received a free kit to facilitate my review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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